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grow fertilizer

Grow fertilizer

“Micro-brewed to include earthworm casings and bat guano to keep your plants green.”

“These spikes will take the worry out of remembering when to feed your summer’s bounty.”
Fertilizing your indoor plants has never been easier. Your plants deserve the same nutrients as their outdoor counterparts. Food spikes are the perfect, mess-free option; stick it into your indoor plant’s pot soil, and your work is done.

While too much of most feeds could actually damage your plants, Miracle-Gro promises not to burn through any of your outdoor or indoor plants. For a 5-pound box feeds over 2,000 square feet of plants.
“Enriched with 11 nutrients and can feed a plant for up to six months.”
Your trees don’t exactly require any special treatment in the world of fertilizers, but food spikes are an easy way for your rooted lawn trophies to continue to soar and ensure nutrients are getting to the core. Tree spikes are a no fuss, mess-free, and waste-less option to feed your trees and shrubs.
One spike can feed your plant for about two months, give or take its size. It would probably be best to send a calendar reminder to yourself, since being two-months worry free can lead to you completely forgetting to change or discard a food spike.
Growing tomatoes takes some finesse and part of the key to growing these luscious fruits is using the right fertilizer. These spikes feed the roots with their time released technology which ensures they are always getting the right amount of healthy nutrients. These spikes feed for about eight weeks so you will need to replace them a few times throughout the tomato growing season.

Fox Farm’s liquid fertilizer is very nutrient and naturally focused. The formula also includes Norwegian kelp, and rock phosphate to increase yield and evenly transfer the energy of your plants. Their Big Bloom formula is known for its ability to intensify the smell of your flowers thanks to highly concentrated ingredients. This is a great feed option for those who are looking to get the best out of their flower beds and bulbs.

A good fertilizer provides food and nutrients for your yard and garden. We researched the best fertilizers so you can pick the right one for your plants.

Feed instantly

  • Beneficial microbes ensure superior results
  • Thoroughly drench the soil around the plant.
    How to use the Easy Dose:
    With lid closed turn the bottle upside down. Now turn bottle upright

    How to use the Easy Dose:
    With lid closed turn the bottle upside down. Now turn bottle upright
    All Purpose Plant Food
    Thoroughly drench the soil of the plant – ideally the water would flow through the container and some would run out of the bottom of the pot. Be sure to have a saucer under the plant to catch the runoff! Remove the water from the saucer so the plant is not sitting in water.
    How much to use:
    Flip the lid open, add two to three pre-measured doses to your watering can and then add 1 gallon of water.

    In the Garden:

    Espoma Organic Grow! All Purpose Fertilizer for everything you grow