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grow bucket

Grow bucket

Autoflowering Strain Recommendations

These are some things to consider when choosing a strain for your space bucket:
Cut the top off every bucket but the main one, leaving some inches of the plastic wall.

Here is another (this one is unstacked) light-top with 138w, which uses much larger CFLs:

  • Zkittlez Auto by Seedsman – Seedsman is both a breeder and a seed bank. They carry pricey high-end strains from many breeders but also use their connections to offer new and celebrated genetics at reasonable prices. A few years ago, Seedsman started focusing on their in-house auto-flowering breeding program, and have built an impressive autoflowering strain library. Their easy-to-grow Zkittlez autoflowering strain is popular because buds are potent, smell surprisingly sweet, and taste fruity. Great for someone who wants high potency combined with the taste and smell of new genetics – $30 for 3 seeds
  • Gelat.OG Auto by Seedsman – This may be the best autoflowering version of the trendy and euphoric Gelato strain. Plants tend to stay on the shorter side and buds occasionally turn purple. For someone who wants STRONG mental and physical effects above all else – $30 for 3 seeds
  • Auto Amnesia by MSNL – Forgiving and easy to grow, buds always come out glittery and potent. I’ve grown this strain multiple times and it responds remarkably well to every light I’ve tried including cheap “blurple” LEDs that stressed out many of the other plants. In fact, Auto Amnesia almost seems to perform best in extreme conditions as some of the best buds came from a plant that grew too close to the light. The one downside is that plants tend to grow a bit stretchy/tall compared to the others on this list (though they respond well to bending/LST to keep them short and are resistant to light stress). As long as you stay on top of bending, it’s a great choice for a space bucket – $40 for 5 seeds

Next, put reflective material on the inside walls, it sticks neatly with any kind of glue (and a little patience).
One fan will act as the intake, the other as exhaust.
That is it, you’re done!

2+ PC Fans and a 12v power supply (use more fans for additional cooling)

Ekrof explains how to start growing marijuana for about $100 using a technique known as "Space Buckets"