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grizzly glue strain

Grizzly glue strain

Chroncierge repping the highest quality in weed

Now we are beyond excited to dream up ways to mash the Grizzly and Chroncierge worlds together. Skate and Weed…..They fit so perfect.
Grizzly repping the highest quality in skate

Breakdown – [ Gorilla Glue #4 x Hollister Kush at a 56-64 Days Generative Cycle. Glue like structure with a tighter nodal stack. Strong lateral branching and a diverse terpene profile dominated by gasoline and hints of citrus and earth cream ]
First off, you gotta try it! Freaking delicious……..
So this project is built for the SKATERS. I skated as a young grom, never pro, but in to it hard thru some definitive years in my memory banks and I’m still consistently awed by the sport. (My partners all have there skate vault in their memory banks as well) … We all searched for Animal Chin. (Reference for us older skate heads)
What I love about this project, beyond the exceptional strain, is it’s all about the synergy between the skate and cannabis industry! It’s a monstrous seed that was just planted here (pun intended).

It’s Canna-Divine/TG Genetics take on a Gorilla Glue strain that they have been tweaking on for the last couple years.

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