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greenhouse seed review

Finished Height: One was 3.5′ one was 2.5′. two phenos.
Days of flower: 65 days
Weight: 2oz dry
Looks: Typical cheese, very consistant to GHS’s discription.
Smell: Great smell, fruity sweet. definetly the best smell of the bunch.
Smoke: Very smooth, great smoke. Roll this one up and pass it to me.
Discription: This was my favorite GHS strain overall. It was the close to a “keeper”.
Rating: 7.5/10

GHS has an impressively consistant product. All of my feminized seeds were female, and all popped. No hermies. I didn’t have any PM issues, but I rarely do with any strain. Mite resistance varied, cheese was best, white rhino and lemon skunk were worst. This is a great company for the beginner/intermediate hobby grower who grows their own medicine. For me, they scored average in quality but I am in Cali and it’s tough when you have GHS growing next to clone only Cali jems. I liked the cheese and trainwreck best overall, but none of their strains were kept for future production. The freebie seeds that I recieved from Samsara rated higher in quality than the GHS seeds that I ordered.
What I learned from this test grow is that the best weed is where you live. I know that there are cuts of these strains in the UK/Holland that would blow my mind. but. these did not. While reading up about these strains there was a lot of hype about GHS getting cuts of the white strains and trainwreck that were legit. but I didn’t see it.
Disclosure: I live in central California and am active in the MM community all over the state. I see 10-20 strains a month, and run 20+ strains at a time. I would absolutly recommend GHS as they have worked hard to stabilize their strains which is rare, however, I do believe this process can cost quality. I personally look only for the best quality, and will brave hermis/low yield/males etc.. If you simply want a jar of good smoke that is easy to grow, and comes out the same every time, GHS is the company for you.
***Spicy White Devil: NOT GHS, freebie seed with order. (Samsara)
Finished Height: 3.5′
Days of flower: 65
Weight: 3 oz dry
Looks: Definently white
Smell: One of the best smells ever. Jack x Blueberry. nice.
Smoke: Smooth and sativa-ey. Great stash for a camping/fishing trip!
Discription: Good overall strain to grow, average mite resistance.
Rating: 8/10. Good strain, just a little whispy.

Lemon Skunk:
Finished Height: 4′
Days of flower: 65 days
Weight: 2.5oz dry
Looks: Airy/whispy
Smell: Great smell, sweet and hard to descirbe. A pleaser.
Smoke: Smooth
Discription: The lemon skunk’s leaves seemed thin and easily light burned. Bugs loved this plant and I harvested early because of it. Needs to be trained.
Rating: 6.5/10
Waz up farmers?! I thought I would share my data on the GreenHouse Seeds that I finished. The company caught my interest as they are the biggest and I decided to try for myself.
White Rhino:
Finished Height: 3.5′
Days of flower: 70
Weight: 2.5 oz dry
Looks: At least 2 phenos, huge sun leafs, distinctive look. you know it’s WR.
Smell: Different, not sweet. Bitter actually
Smoke: I break this strain out when my back is killing me. Best MMJ pain reliever to date.
Discription: This is a great pain relief strain. Average mite resistance. One pheno was complete garbage. beware! It tested 7.1 THC, 0.01 CBD. The worst rating yet.
Rating: 6/10
Big Bang:
Finished Height: 2.5′
Days of flower: 55 days
Weight: 2oz dry
Looks: Average
Smell: Average
Smoke: Average
Discription: Nothing special about this strain, somewhat fast in flower.
Rating: 6/10
Finished Height: 4+. She’s a strecher and will take over if not trained.
Days of flower: 70 days
Weight: 2.5oz dry
Looks: Typical strechy bitch sativa. Vine like growth, great for scrog.
Smell: Unique, almost offensive. actually, OFFENSIVE. strong. It smelled like cat piss.
Smoke: Funky funk. Nice uppidy sativa, great daytime toke.
Discription: This strain needs training and room to grow. Not my cup of tea but the quality is good. I will most likely give this strain another run down the line, and try some different nute configurations. It was the closest to being a keeper, and maybe can be if I dial in the food.
Rating: 7/10

Room/Grow Details:
3000w aircooled
Foxfarm OF
5 gal smartpot
GH 3 part with some sugar, coolbloom, gravity, aminos and bennys for the dirt
Water PH 5.8
Started 12/12 while seedlings 3-4″ tall as I have a height limitation of 3.5′. Flowering day count is from the day the lights were switched, not when they actually started flowering.

Waz up farmers?! I thought I would share my data on the GreenHouse Seeds that I finished. The company caught my interest as they are the biggest and I…