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green queen flowering time

Green queen flowering time

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Green Queen can be cultivated in either outdoors or indoors. In either environment, it should be kept warm (21-16 degrees Celsius).
Flowering time indoors takes up to 9 weeks until it is ready for harvest. It can potentially yield 450 grams per square meter. Meanwhile, the harvest period falls on October when cultivated in an open area with each plant producing up to 600 grams.

It’s a perfect late afternoon strain when you need a little boost from the stress of work, but also a preparation for a relaxing evening to come.
by Bonza · Published August 4, 2018 · Updated January 29, 2020
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For the appetizer, it welcomes the nose with initial notes of a pungent and herbal scent underlined with hints of wood and pine. The main dish, however, brings an odd blend of onion soup, toast and roast beef – definitely making Green Queen stand out in the cannabis community for its distinct smell.
Despite boasting of a mid-level high, Green Queen shouldn’t be underestimated. For inexperienced novices, challenging this blue-blooded strain can cause a bump on the road and make for an uncomfortable trip. Its cerebral effect may induce dizziness to those who have low tolerance for sativa, which can induce mild anxiety if taken in higher dosages.

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A mid to high-level strain with its true origins shrouded in mystery. One thing is known for sure: Green Queen provides a royal experience any time of day.