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gorilla zkittlez

Gorilla zkittlez

Zkittlez has become one of the most sought-after strains due to its incredible aroma. Its crossing with GG#4 preserves the best of both parents.

Gorilla Zkittlez has a unique flavour, both in terms of intensity and complexity; without a doubt, one of its strong points. It´s a mix of sweet and ripe tropical fruit notes combined with earthy and hashish hues, and fruity undertones.
Its high THC content, that can reach 24%, provides a soothing and relaxing physical effect, while it also touches the mind with a few psychedelic notes. It is therefore ideal for treating various ailments and stimulate the appetite, but most importantly, for having a good time!

During flowering, it offers an impressive resin production, no doubt inherited from its parent GG#4. The buds and leaves get quickly covered in glistening trichomes that soon begin to emit a very intense perfume. It’s an excellent choice to make resin extractions, both in terms of quantity and organoleptic quality.
Besides its flavour, Gorilla Zkittlez stands out for its high yields, which can be of up to 700g/m 2 in an indoor set-up. A significant amount, bearing in mind its above average resin production. The buds are tight and have large chalices, they get entirely covered with trichomes, and are easy to manicure.
The development of the Gorilla Zkittlez is typical of a balanced hybrid, with an average internodal distance and a hardy and well branched structure, ideal for SCROG and LST. Outdoors, it reaches medium heights of about 1.80m, and can be harvested at the end of September, while in indoor set-ups it has a flowering time of just 60 days.
The best flavour and the highest yield!
Barney’s Farm surprised us again with this incredible hybrid that combines two of the best strains from the West Coast of USA: Gorilla Glue #4 and the famous Zkittlez, one of the most sought-after genetics in recent times for its strong aroma, which is out of the ordinary even for the most experienced stoners. An indica-dominant cross with a high flower and resin production.

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