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gorilla seeds review

All the seeds that are available on Gorilla seed bank are sourced from various seed banks and seed breeders like Dutch Passion, Sweet Seeds, Big Buddha, Dinafem, etc.

This high rating has been given by 2,00+ genuine customers who bought marijuana from Gorilla seed bank. Their policy of treating every single customer with personalized customer care is one of the most important reasons behind the company’s rise in a short period of time.
The idea behind this seed bank is to give people personalized service.

Because these seeds come from different kinds of breeders and seedbanks, all of them are going to have different levels of quality.
The whole stock of Gorilla seed bank is well-curated and made up of high-quality seeds only.
Although the company is new, the people who work there have more than 40 years of experience in the marijuana field. A lot of experts who were working on their own and were good at stuff just came together with each other to make this awesome Gorilla seed bank.
Gorilla Seeds have their own selected seed bank from where they order seeds, so they do have an eye on the seed quality of the seed banks.
If you want a personalized experience of buying marijuana seeds and after-sales support , then you ought to try them once.

Initially, the founder of Gorilla seeds Alex used to order marijuana seeds from various other seed banks. He was being disappointed by other seed banks and was tired of not finding that one good seed bank which checked all the marks.

Gorilla Seed Bank is a new comer with Excellent Customer Support and Cannabis seed quality. Checkout the 1,660+ Marijuana Strains Today!

Wanted to give everyone my opinion on gorilla seeds, I just received my order yesterday.

So, now that I’ve rambled on, I’ll get to the point. Since it sounds like you were very disappointed with the service you received and it looks like we were at fault on several points in the process, please PM me so that we can work out something to make it up to you including any seeds that you were entitled to from the Free Weed promotion.
First off, I ordered July 4th and received my seeds on the 26th, not that bad of timing from what I’ve read on here. Their customer service, however, is terrible. They don’t answer emails, I sent 4 and never got a response. I had to take to their Facebook to finally contact them.

There’s absolutely no excuse for our customer service group not responding to your emails. We have had problems with emails that seemed to go missing in the past so we’ve recently implemented a ticketing system to avoid any confusion. Anyone who contacts us should get a ticket number so that everyone can see what’s been said. I’m hoping this will eliminate missing emails, unanswered emails & a bunch of he-said/she-saids between my customers and our customer service department.
Final thoughts, I’d go through them again, but I’d make sure to send a different form of payment. Shipping only took like a week, was in customs for about 2-3 days.
Now, to my job. If you spoke to someone on a forum while the Facebook guy was on holiday, it must have been me. And, if you received 9 free seeds, that must have been during one of our periodic special promotions. The Free Weed thing from the High Times Donnie Danko podcast never really took off for us. If you specifically said something about the podcast & free seeds, they may have remembered it, but it probably went right over their head. That’s not an excuse, just what I guess happened since I didn’t see the emails. And, if you talked to me about it, and I didn’t remember,
First of all, I’d like to apologize for your experience with us, and say that I’m sorry it took us so long to see this. By chance, it came up for me in Google when I was looking for something else.
To start, let me explain my position so that you know what I can help you with & what I can’t. Among other duties that aren’t related to customer service, I help out members on the forums that we sponsor with orders, discounts, comps, and any other issues they might have. I don’t answer ever single question or PM because our Facebook guy helps me out at times, but I’m usually available 7 days a week on the more active ones. I do not do Facebook at all – kind of hate it.

Finally, I went to post a bad review and saw that gorilla posts on a bunch of forums, possibly here too. I messaged him on the forum and from there, he finally took care of my issue.

Wanted to give everyone my opinion on gorilla seeds, I just received my order yesterday. First off, I ordered July 4th and received my seeds on the 26th…