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gorilla glue number 3

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With this mixture of mind and body effects, Gorilla Glue has shown strong medical potential and is popular among patients choosing to self-medicate. Pain relief is this strain’s most frequently cited benefit. With its mind and body-numbing high, consumers regularly report that their chronic pains and aches are temporarily washed away. It has also been used to help manage the symptoms of arthritis and acute inflammatory injuries. While it does provide strong pain relief, due to its almost non-existent CBD content this strain is not recommended for more serious medical conditions such as fibromyalgia.
On average Gorilla Glue’s THC content varies between 18-22% THC. Some strains can even register a whopping 28% THC content, which makes it pretty potent on the higher end. This strain’s potency aids its popularity as its effects are felt instantly and are often long-lasting. Veteran cannabis consumers often enjoy the heavy-handed euphoria and psychoactive effects experienced with a high THC strain such as this one, but novice consumers should approach with caution. There are no relevant amounts of CBD found within this strain.

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The same warnings that apply to many high THC strains also apply to Gorilla Glue. There is the potential to encounter feelings of anxiety or paranoia after consumption of this strain, for anyone sensitive or predisposed to these conditions. Although popular with experienced cannabis consumers, it is not recommended for novices or newcomers.
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Gorilla Glue Strain | Strain Profile & Effects Why are so many people stuck on Gorilla Glue? Find out in this article. We note that the subject contained in this article represents illegal

When I got home the label says “gorilla glue #3” and not being familiar with this strain, let alone even hearing about it, I started googling. Checked Leafly and here. I can not find any reference to gorilla glue #3. Plenty of #4 though!

I am thinking the clone was named by the cross breeder who was impressed by its stickiness.
EDIT: info seems conflicting, im not sure if it was an accident or not

Hey, back in my day the only strains we’d heard of were panama red, kona gold, columbian, thai stick and sometimes just plain old “Sense” (as I don’t think we even knew how to spell or pronounce sinsemilla)
i guess im curious as to how theres a male and F2’s ect. a dude posted in the other GG thread that it was a complete accident and the result of a slight herm/ its bagseed
This should clear some things up, these are quotes from the creator, Josey Whales, and yes it was an accident:
I made my selections and was ready to pay, then the tender says “if you get 2 more, then the per clone price goes from $13 to $10 each.” How could I resist. I had her toss in 2 Gorilla Glue.
I’ve done some more scouring and reading about GG – here’s a copy and paste from a discussion about GG #4.
It mentions pheno’s 1,2 & 4, no 3! Unless the #3 was “and one we called runt”

The copy and paste below was from a lengthy, 47 page discussion here:

I just picked up some nice looking clones from a local dispensary to start up my new 4×4 tent. I made my selections and was ready to pay, then the tender…