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gorilla glue 1

Gorilla glue 1

Furthermore, users no longer have to endure any pains that wreak physical havoc. After all, this strain is a fast-acting painkiller that relieves chronic migraines, cramps, back spasms and joint aches. Free from the shadow of these conditions, users can enjoy a comfy moment away from any sort of trouble. Sleep is inevitable in this strain, and insomniacs will be rushed to the gates of dreamland as the high wears on.

Additionally, any form of stress will cower away from its pervasive relaxant. A light, euphoric feeling spreads through, clouding the mind in a dreamy haze. Leftover burdens from work are now lost in the fog, and users may find themselves having a lazy smile all throughout.
Relatively cooperative, growers find this plant generally easy to cultivate. As it grows rather tall height of 200 cm, regular trimming is in order to produce satisfactory yields.

Medical patients who need a break from the tiring routine of life can find instant relief in this strain. No matter how high the stress has built up, this ganja can knock it all to the ground. As expected of such uplifting qualities, one puff is enough to lighten the load of depression.
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Crushing any maladies, this cannabis giant is a well-loved source of reprieve in dispensaries. As mentioned, its sedative properties can strike a finishing blow to many persisting ailments.
Due to such uplifting properties, users are now in the mood for some light chatter. This is best suited for low-key conversations though as the buzz makes it easy for users to be distracted.

Boasting of a tremendous potency, side effects are sure to make itself known one way or another. Users with low tolerance should tread lightly. Worst case scenario would be slight paranoia and an insisting headache. On the other hand, one of the milder effects would be cottonmouth and dry eyes. As such, keeping refreshments nearby should come in handy.

With a monstrous THC volume, Gorilla Glue #1 acts as the tougher and drowsier counterpart of its more popular sibling, Gorilla Glue #4.