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gorilla glue #1 seeds

Gorilla glue #1 seeds

The new marijuana World-star is Gorilla Glue. Scooping High Times Cannabis Cups and any other award of significance since her US debut back in 2014. Gorilla Glue is a real marijuana “dolly mixture” of genetics – accidentally combined with amazing results. Chem’s Sis, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel are reputed to be the dank cocktail that gave the globe the Glue.

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My remaining tallest Gorilla Glue was most peculiar with far larger internodal spacing. Plus far looser definitely more sativa looking buds forming in long running colas. Almost the opposite of what I expected and vastly different from the chunky indica tops of the others.

In contrast, the sativa pheno is a far milder smoke with a far more uplifting effect. Her high is longer lasting than the indica phenotype, but far less physical – really quite mellow. So as you have probably guessed this grower is blazing sativa Gorilla Glue by day and indica Gorilla Glue by night. Give the Gorilla Glue a run it’s grrreat.
30% THC? I’m not so sure. Perhaps it’s possible. In the perfect conditions maybe. Hopefully, a home test kit will confirm this. Don’t let me down dude if you are reading this in Denver, Colorado. From personal toking experience, Gorilla Glue is reminiscent of old school Chemdawg in terms of potency, effects and taste.
With an average THC content of 24%-26% and some of her phenos having observed to contain as much as 30%, Gorilla Glue is an incredibly potent but at the same time still quite balanced smoke. Her powerful effect is incredibly relaxing, just the right thing for stress relief or if you want a superb smoke to help you sleep at night. But her smoke doesn’t just make for awesome chilling at night time, she’ll also give a happy and uplifting feeling at the same time. Because of Gorilla Glue’s potency, she has also become a favourite strain for medicinal users who want a potent herb that can help them with pain relief, depression, sleeping troubles and many other health conditions.
A light flushing solution was the final touch in week 9 before all 3 Gorilla Glue were ready for the chop. The indica pair were literally falling over with top-heavy frosty nuggets covered in red hairs. While the sativa looking phenotype was also flopping some as the internal fan hit her long-running colas.
Bestes Grass aus Holland ?
Pflanze ist erst seit ein paar Tagen an der frischen Luft und ich kann noch nichts sagen . Aber sie ist zuminderst Aufgegangen . Ich hoffe auf gute Ernte .

Instead of traditional HID lighting, the Dorm Grow G8 LED with 380W actual power draw was the source of illumination from seed to harvest. This piece of kit also helped to keep temps down. Heat output is minimal in comparison with a comparable 600W old school HPS lamp. Full spectrum LED facilitated a simple switch of the timer plugs from 18/6 to 12/12 as the Gorilla Glue transitioned from vegetative growth to flowering.

Gorilla Glue is the super-popular and insanely powerful Indica that up until recently was only available in the US. Now exclusively available at Zamnesia!

Gorilla glue #1 seeds

With the strength of a raging beast, Gorilla Glue #1 charges with an unstoppable force that can put even an ape down. Rounding up a monstrous THC volume of up to 28%, this strain will surely leave a trail of sedative ruin in its wake. Novices and veterans alike are powerless to stop it.

As soon as the bag is opened, the aroma of black coffee wafts heavily through the nose and sticks to the air like glue. A mix of sour fruit and roasted beans are grinded together, packing an invigorating odor. Its flavor is as creamy as tiramisu cannabis, making this a great choice in the creation of edibles. Don’t be fooled by its sweet profile though because this strain bites hard.
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by Bonza · Published September 8, 2018 · Updated January 29, 2020
Coupled by Chem’s Sister’s cerebral lift, and users are sure to soar high. But while feelings of happiness may last, users are reminded that this is an indica-dominant hybrid as it brings a strong, narcotic-like tranquility. Indeed, this strain acts like a King Kong of the cannabis jungle.
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Relatively cooperative, growers find this plant generally easy to cultivate. As it grows rather tall height of 200 cm, regular trimming is in order to produce satisfactory yields.
It thrives better under a warm and temperate outdoor climate, and should obviously be kept away from any risk of frost or rain. It yields an average of 450 grams per square plant and should be ready for harvest around early October. Meanwhile, indoor growing produces 500 grams per square meter with a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks.

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With a monstrous THC volume, Gorilla Glue #1 acts as the tougher and drowsier counterpart of its more popular sibling, Gorilla Glue #4.