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good ak 47

Good ak 47

The biggest drawback to this rifle is that it is not optics-ready and cannot be fitted with optics. If you are looking to customize, this might be a problem for you. Other than that, though, this is a solid rifle that will perform well, especially for someone without much shooting experience. Consider it an “entry level” AK-47.

One area that I.O. Inc. occasionally falls behind in is ensuring the quality of all their guns. Some owners have reported issues with the rivets on the AKM-247C in the past, making it harder to install their upper and lower receivers. This is a small problem, though – the chances of you encountering it are low, and it is fixable if you do.
We should clarify right off the bat, this is not a standard AK-47, but an AK pistol. You can add a stock to it to make it standard size, but remember that this is going to take a lot of paperwork and certifications.

Today, there are tons (and we mean tons – as many as 500 million) different types of rifles that can be attributed to the AK family. The most common, or at least most recognizable, is probably the AKM, which was produced as the original Kalshnikov Model’s successor in the late 1950’s. AKs are still produced on a mass scale, and recreational shooters tend to have a love-hate relationship with them. We’ll go into a little more detail about why that is.
Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take it up a notch with this I.O. Inc. gun. I.O. Inc. produces top-quality mil-spec rifles, bringing military grade quality to recreational shooting. This particular rifle is actually a step above their more standard guns, and not that much more expensive.
So, while every shooter obviously has their preference, from our stance, you’ll probably be fine either way.
There is also a safety selector and bolt hold open notch that makes bolt lockback a little easier, a t-shaped magazine release so you can reload faster. The trigger is improved too, for smoother shooting and increased accuracy.
What We Love About Them:

We recommend talking to friends, trying a few out if you can, and considering your preferences before you settle on the AK that’s right for you. There are a lot of different options out there for beginners, experts, competition shooters and those interested in customizing their rifle.

The 5 Best AK-47s in 2020 AK-47s are one of the most famous assault-style weapons out there – they are also one of the most vastly misunderstood. If you are looking