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god bud grow

God bud grow

BC Bud Depot developed CBD God after finding a God Bud phenotype with four percent CBD. That was pollinated with a male Harlequin plant, a popular CBD-producing specimen, and in 2014, High Times named CBD God one of its top strains.

RedeCan has greenhouse-grown God Bud on the market, which the Ontario Cannabis Store lists at $8.62 to $10.06 per gram, available in one, 3.5, seven and 15 g portions of dried flower. Lift & Co. describes this iteration as having medium THC potency (13 to 21 percent), low CBD (one percent) and an “herbal, musky flavour combined with tropical fruit and undertones of berry, lavender and pine.”
RedeCan staged a voluntary recall of one lot of its B.E.C. strain in response to multiple complaints of mould, despite using irradiation in its growing process, and third-party lab-testing before the product ships. God Bud wasn’t included in the recall.

Founder, master grower and CEO of BC Bud Depot, Matt Harvey, told Cannabis Aficionado that his BC God Bud is still his favourite to grow. “Her pink pistils and fragrance are so familiar and dear to me. I’m sure a lot of veteran growers out there can relate to the way a favourite strain, cultivated lovingly for years upon years, becomes like an inseparable lifelong companion,” Harvey noted.
The genetic mix of a Hawaiian landrace, Purple Skunk and a Canadian strain known as God was reproduced by Canadian outfit BC Bud Depot under the name BC God Bud. However, despite its popularity, there are too few examples of this proud flower in its home country’s legal market.
The strain won first place for an Indica category at the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup. God Bud weed is considered more of a hybrid because its genealogy includes some “sativa” roots, but its reported effects skew toward the sedative.
The popular hybrid, God Bud, comes to us from Jordan of the Islands, who describes the strain as “an amped-up Purple Skunk from the West Coast Islands of Canada.”
God Bud strain is known for being a challenge to cultivate, demanding that even a more experienced grower coax it to its full resin-producing potential and THC levels of up to 22 percent. Jordan of the Islands reports that experienced God Bud weed growers will drop the temperature in the final week, thereby promoting more resin production and plenty of purple hues. Growers can expect God Bud’s stocky, bushy plants to flower at about eight to nine weeks.

God Bud is a fragrant hybrid with genetics bringing forth a terpene profile regularly described as being a mix of earthy and tropical GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images

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