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gnats in grow room

Gnats in grow room

Once enough of the root system has been chomped away, symptoms such as problems in the leaves and slow and abnormal growth can occur. The worst outcome from a fungus gnats infestation is the death of one or all of your cannabis plants.

An obvious sign of an infestation is seeing fungus gnats buzzing around your precious weed plants or crawling through the soil in which they live. However, due to their tiny size this can be easy to miss until it is too late and problems start to take effect. Other signs to seriously look out for are pale leaves, brown edges on leaves and dark spots that occur on leaves. Other signs include leaf drooping, twisting and yellowing. Whole plant symptoms include stunted bud growth, slowed root growth and overall wilting.
Secondly, as discussed, analyze your watering methods. Cease watering your plants until the top soil has dried out. This will bring down the amount of fungus in your soil and starve the larvae. To speed up the drying process direct a light fan at the topsoil.

Inspect your weed plants daily. As well as taking time to witness their beautiful aesthetics and aromas, take a quick check to identify any possible fungus gnats symptoms. The sooner you find out they are there, the faster you can remedy the problem.
If you are growing marijuana outdoors, you have much less control over the conditions when compared to an artificial indoor environment. However there are numerous ways to prevent fungus gnats from munching on your crop. One option is to sterilize your potting soil to make sure no pesky eggs are laying in wait. Some growers go so far as to employ predatory insects to annihilate those that are preying on your weed. Planting garlic and onions in close proximity to your plants can form a defensive shield that wards off predators also. For more tips on protecting your outdoor cannabis crops, see The Basics of Cannabis Outdoor Growing.
Placing a protective sheet over the growing media, such as a cloth, is a good way to defend against egg laying. Other obvious safeguards include keeping windows, netting and screens closed as much as possible.
Fungus gnats also start to clog the drainage of the soil with their droppings. This then becomes somewhat of a viscious cycle, as it starts to conjure a wetter environment, which prompts more fungal growth, which supplies the fungus gnats with more food to grow and multiply.
One solid way to to ensure these buggers do not begin colonizing your weed plants’ soil is to really pay attention to the amount of water you give them and how regularly you water them. Too much water will create the perfect, moist breeding ground to fungus growth, thus fungus gnats attacks. It is advisable to always let the top inch of the soil become dry before once again watering your plants. In doing so, you will avoid creating this negative environment.

Every grower desires optimal yields of massive buds from their marijuana plants. Fungus gnats are a factor that can damage this outcome. However there are numerous ways to protect your weed from this pest.

Protect your weed plants by learning how to prevented and treat fungus gnat infestations

Gnats in grow room

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