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giggly weed

If you are feeling the blues and there’s nothing that can cheer you up, we recommend these 10 best strains that can reduce depression. Each one is perfect for removing negative moods and repelling unwanted thoughts. You will find the best natural solution for depression with cannabis in no time.

Cannabis is just one way to deal with depression naturally but you may also use other methods. First is to join focus groups that will help you develop ways to deal with depression. These groups may be different from one another like spiritual groups, groups which involve the family or groups that focus on depression due to addiction, gambling and more.
The name Laughing Buddha brings to mind an image of a large fat and bald man with crinkled eyes and a generous smile right? This alone may be enough to make you smile!

Although most recreational users just consume giggling cannabis without thinking about its effects, you must be very careful not to overestimate your dose. Most giggling and laughing strains are either potent sativas or potent indicas and from experience, extreme strains must be handled carefully.
GSC can relieve pain because of its powerful analgesic effects. If you are undergoing chemotherapy or other medical treatments you can use Girl Scout Cookies to improve poor appetite and relieve nausea and vomiting.
Take note that this is a potent strain, therefore, it’s a must that you should take this strain moderately.
And if you want to forget negative thoughts and have a nice day relaxing or working on tasks you want to do, Harlequin is the best strain for you. And aside from its mood-elevating effects, this strain may also be used to combat stress, deal with pain especially headaches and muscle strain.
Always buy weed from legal dispensaries and from shops that have guarantees on their products. High-quality weed will give you a good high.

Despite the positive effects, it can still be too much for someone new to cannabis. You must take this strain moderately to avoid negative effects. Some users report that OG Kush worsens depression especially when this is consumed in a large dose.

Laugh your heart out with the most giggly strain you'll ever need! Indica or Sativa for Laughing? Get the answer from this article!

Giggly weed

While we love the relaxing, full-body high of a classic indica, that’s not what we’re talking about. For New Year’s Eve, we’re trending towards energizing, euphoric strains that will keep you on the dance floor.

This sativa-dominant resin delivers a heady blast of euphoria and a healthy dose of the giggles, but be forewarned: It’s more of a “chill at the afterparty” strain than “hit the dancefloor” kind of a strain, offering a strongly relaxing, even trippy high some describe as “creeping up on you.” Whatever you use it for, you’ll be knocked out by the fresh citrus aromas and flavors. Happy New Year!
It’s time to say “Buh-bye!” to 2019 and ring in 2020, and we want you to do it in high style (or is that just “do it high?”). Because there are so many kinds of weed—and because they all have such different effects on our bodies and our minds—right now we want to focus on bubbly, giggly strains that will keep us laughing and partying through the night and into the New Year.

We’ve written about Haze strains before, and how great they are for easing anxiety with a long-lasting blast of euphoria. Now ROVE has created a beautiful and consistent oil that concentrates all of those classic sativa-dominant Haze attributes in a vape cartridge. You’ll feel uplifted, happy, euphoric and ready to party, and the delightfully sweet and tropical flavor is the icing on the cake.
This sativa-leaning hybrid hits you hard but doesn’t weigh you down. A cross between the classic Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains, Pineapple Express carries delicious mango and apple aromas and a taste that’s an intriguing blend of pineapple, cedar, and pine. These handy disposable vapes deliver a long-lasting blast of energy and focus tempered with a blast of happy euphoria to keep you smiling…and giggling…and dancing…and partying all through New Year’s Eve.
Live resins are one of the hottest products on the market right now. Made by freezing fresh cannabis right after harvest and then carefully making a potent extraction, the process locks in all the flavorful terpenes—aka the plant’s essential oils—and delivers a mind-bogglingly flavorful, aromatic and potent experience.
Moscato is one of our newest strains, an indica-leaning hybrid that’s tailor-made for good times. A cross between the indica Granddaddy Purple and the powerful sativa Durban Poison, it combines attributes of both for a uniquely happy, laughter-inducing and mind-expanding ride. Only available since late Summer, Moscato is now available in these handy pre-rolls; grab one (or three) before you go partying this New Year’s Eve.
Here’s our list of top giggly, bubbly strains for New Year’s Eve 2019.

You can grab the strains you need for a memorable New Year’s at your closest High Season Dispensary. Check out our online menu to see what’s in stock now.

It’s time to ring in 2020, and we want you to do it in “high style”: We’ve collected our favorite bubbly, giggly and FUN cannabis strains for New Years Eve!