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giant weed nugs

p.s. Personally I don’t really like getting huge buds because I know there is a giant stem running through the center which is taking up weight on the scale. I’d much prefer to buy medium sized buds. Hope this cleared it up for ya!
Get out the microscope! It’s about the size of the trichome head and the density of trichomes on the bud.
I’ve heard the larger the bud the closer you are to the source. IE: better bud
Nah, if you had a plant and took a nug from the main cola and took a nug from the bottom there isn’t a significant difference between them. They’ll both get you nice a toasty because its dependent on the cannabinoid profile of that strain. However, when it comes to weed as medicine, I have totally heard people refer to the main tops as top-grade, while anything lower is usually referred to as mids and isn’t as highly regarded as the main nugs, even if its just as fire. This is just a name they give to those nugs, not really reflecting the quality of it.
I think density of the bud is a better indication of quality than the actual size of the bud.
The bigger the nug the bigger the stem
If you want a better idea of quality consider investing in a 420 scope or other type of microscope so you can gauge the density of trichomes. In addition you will be able to see if any mold has begun homesteading in your bud. You should also look for pistil coverage, stickiness and odor. A great bud will be a whole experience, not just a big piece of weed.
In my experience people think big nugs are cool because you don’t get them too often. After all, the bud has gone from the hands of a grower to a few middle men and then to you (assuming you are not in a mary-j friendly area) so by that time its been broken up into smaller buds. The closer you get to sourcing from a grower and the larger quantities you buy the more likely you are to get bigger buds.
On the flip side, from a growers perspective rather than a consumer, big buds are great because you are maximizing your return on investment. Grow ops that are destined for the street are solely focused on getting the biggest plant they can for the least amount of nutes, grow media and lights.
Giant weed nugs
Notice how the plant is very short when viewed from the side, but when viewed from above the plant has a lot of leaf surface area. All those leaves are like little solar panels, getting energy from your grow light..
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