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ghost train haze #1

Ghost train haze #1

Indoor grow. High CO2, 400 watt T5’s.super soil. no nutes,just water from seed to harvest. I let them veg until about 3 feet tall and as soon as I go 12/12 I start supercropping and low stress traing to expose the long running colas to the light. Few leaves on this pheno so light penetration is easy as long as you train the colas. I usually harvest 4+ oz’s cured.(Closet grow) Outdoors in a warm dry climate, I imagine that a kilo is not out of the question, as these can get huge.

I tend to like the higher yielding type of plants, but if you are looking for a plant which will destroy you this would be an excellent choice much like the Amnesia from Soma seeds. She grows quick, gets really big has excellent sized buds but are a little fluffy and I had no issues with mould whatsoever.
Just a top smoking strain but not for cash croppers.
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But indoors:
Grow Monster. Is building wonderfully arm-long buds from top to the bottom.
Mine went 85 days. In the end – while drying in the tent – it smelled of catpiss. Extreme catpiss. But fortunately that diminishes after some days.
Grow´n in soil: Leave the fertilizer in the cupboard. They don`t like extra nutrition.
What you defintely need is yoyo’s or bamboo sticks to keep them standing, when the buds weigh too much.
This is a strong sativa that will put lightweight tokers to sleep. Has a strong haze smell throughout growth and explodes into monster buds that need lots of support at about 8-9 weeks. You»ll be tempted to let it go too long. I went 12 weeks because it didn«t look ripe, but 11 was probably enough.
Leave fertilizer in the cupboard – she don’t like it.

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