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galactic cookies strain

MEDICAL APPLICATION: As an indicadominant hybrid, it’s great for pain, anxiety, insomnia, and appetite improvement.

More accurately, I smoked a joint and got the perfect kind of stoned. I was happy, relaxed, and oddly focused all at once. The dudes at Farmer’s Reserve seem to know exactly what they’re doing. While they’ve only been around since 2015, their master grower, a guy who goes by “Ullr” — the Norse god of snow — has been in the business of growing weed since the early 2000s — and it shows. The jar of Galactic Cookies sitting in front of me honestly smells like the Platonic ideal of pot: earthy and floral, with a perfectly balanced skunkiness.
POTENCY: THC 25 percent

This weed is insane. Its orange hairs and crystal crusting remind me of a snow-dusted Kathy Griffin — an analogy that speaks to its aesthetic beauty and to its potency, as I was high off my rocker when I came up with it.
So, yeah, go track down a big ol’ bag of this stuff, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’m going to save a nug and drive it down for my dad this Thanksgiving. He’ll be pumped.
SMELL: Imagine a flower truck running over a skunk on a dirt road.
EFFECT: Strong, but manageable. No racy thoughts, and it delivers a great body high.


My dad was in town the other week, and I wanted to give him some weed to take back to L.A. on the plane. The…