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g13 haze grow

G13 haze grow

13% Thought provoking

The aroma / smell of G13 Haze can be described best as Sour (a bit of Citrus and also a little bit Orange), fairly Spicy (a little bit Pine and Herbs) and additionally as a little bit Sweet (a little bit Floral). . read more
6% Spacy / Confusing

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29% Blood Orange
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The intense aromas and flavours of fruit and spice lead to powerful, cerebral effects, and make the smoke worth savouring. This plant grows medium short and compact for a Sativa dominant strain, and is perfect for SOG and ScrOG gardens.
Fazit: Starkes High + interessantes Aroma, aber nicht stabil.
Vor ein paar Jahren waren die seeds dieser Sorte besser.

G13-Haze has dark green (almost oily-looking), narrow sativa fan leaves.The plant grew vigorously, was topped twice, and had to be tied down using LST to allow direct sunlight to penetrate to the plants behind her.The whole grow is documented in Emeraldo’s 2019 Semi-Guerilla grow journal on 420 magazine.She produced a lot of weed that is currently curing in 9 wide-mouthwatering quart jars.

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