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funny marijuana strain names

Funny marijuana strain names

History lesson: the “Cheesy” in the strain comes from the parent Big Budda Cheese strain while the “Dick” comes from the secondary parent Moby Dick. Give it a chance we say – the 95% will surely cure the blues and knock you out nicely for a while.

There was a time – in the days of yore, when marijuana was just marijuana – all green, full of seeds and stems, and typically sold as compacted bricks that flew in straight from Mehico. There weren’t any fancy names to identify with back then.
Have some blue balls and you’re in for a sedative and relaxing experience.

For marketing purposes, cannabis strains have been given memorable and funny names in order to leave a lasting impression on their target audience.
A cannabis strain hailing straight from the Puna District in Hawaii, Cat Piss offers superb quality indica buds although the overpowering and pungent smell of urine is something that might take getting used to.
Premium quality top-shelf buds, a pine and lemon aroma and flavours reminiscent of a sweet kush strain, Charlie Sheen will surely excite and please your senses.
You might have heard stories of growers using their own fresh liquid waste as a cannabis fertiliser – luckily Cat Piss has no relation to any such “processes” or cat piss for that matter. We’re fairly certain that it doesn’t.
If you grew up in the 80s, then you are no stranger to the iconic sit-com Full House, but that’s not the only thing actor Bob Saget is famous for. He’s also had a near-decade long stint hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos.

In the history of marijuana, we believe this is one of the greatest names ever invented, period!

You might find a plethora of guides online telling you which cannabis strains to have recreationally or medicinally. Some are just great for sparking a creative high, some are ideal for having fun in a crowd with fits of giggles and laughter, while others work wonders to cure anxiety o …

Brain Freeze: This sativa dominant hybrid has a berry smell and is a little more fun than taking a huge bite of a snow cone.”

Purple Urkle: Continuing along the TGIF theme, Family Matters fans will wonder, Did I do that? This strain is supposed to treat insomnia.
Girl Scout Cookies: aka GSC – This strain smells like Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, with “deep aromas and purple hues.”

  • “Color” + “Name of Infamous Figure”
    • Example: Red Trump
  • “Color” + “Food Name” + Kush
    • Example: Blue Sorbet Kush
  • Bubba + “Funny Made-up Word” + OG
    • Example: Bubba Atrow OG
  • “Celebrity Name” Haze
    • Brittany Snow Haze
  • “Type of Berry” + Alien + Haze
    • Raspberry Alien Haze
  • “Name of Your Dog” + Kush
    • Emmett Kush

Karen Berger, PharmD, Medical Writer
Bob Saget OG: aka, “The Bob,” – this sativa strain is described as “part Danny Tanner, part Hollywood potty mouth.”
Just for fun, try making up your own strain names! Weirdomatic offers suggestions on how to do so.
Golden Goat: A sweet and sour hybrid, supposedly “named for the smell of recycled soda cans rotting in the heat.”

Schnazzleberry: This strain is a 50/50 sativa/indica, mixed with The Dom and DJ Short Blueberry, and is described to be “like taking a bite out of a big berry pie, which might not sound like a bad idea once you’re high and looking for IHOP at 2 a.m.”

Funny marijuana strain names Funniest Strain Names Karen Berger, PharmD, Medical Writer As I delve into researching the medical marijuana world, I see a lot of funny and unusual