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fuck a zombie

Fuck a zombie

Again, if you are into the whole control thing, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

No, not an actual reanimated corpse.
or Bed of the Dead

Unless you’re into the whole Zombie thing, it’s up to you to turn yourself on. This usually requires either objectification or imagination.
And no, this isn’t permission to push the boundaries beyond what your Zombie is comfortable with – make sure your Zombie knows they are free to pass on anything at any time. Creativity is not coercion; Creativity is consensual initiative.
Since your Zombie, by definition, is trusting in you to make all the moves, feel free to go a little wild. Conventional Sex is for Conventional Partners; Zombies are for having fun.
A consenting Zombie.
Zombies have needs too. As the leader, it’s your job to be sensitive to your Zombie’s needs.

Where Imagination is what will make your Zombie Experience exciting and Control is what will make it satisfying, Creativity is what will make it fun.

or Bed of the DeadNo, not an actual reanimated corpse.A Zombie is someone who mostly just lays there during sex and expects you to do all the heavy lifting.A consenting Zombie.