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from seed to stoned

From seed to stoned
This method works great for marijuana. Remember, marijuana seeds should NOT get light during the germination process. If you don’t want to use plastic sandwich bags, you can use the exact same method, but place the paper towels between 2 plates.
We already have a popular page on how to make cannabutter, but if you want to see how to do it in video format, this is a great tutorial.
This video is a little on the longer side considering the topic of its content. But it explains everything well, and if you watch till the end, you’ll definitely walk away being able to germinate cannabis seeds. Plus, these folks peppered this video with some jaw-dropping pics of sprouting seeds. The quality and seedling pics alone make this video worth the watch.
Medical Marijuana Butter Recipe by MonaLisaLuvsMaryJane
“Medical Marijuana Outdoor Gardens Tour – 10lb.+ MEGA Plants!!” by the legendary Jorge Cervantes
“How to F.I.M and Top Your Marijuana Plant” by Grow420Guide
“Growing Weed Start to Finish Beginners Guide” by From Seed to Stoned
I’m sure you’ve realized this video isn’t on Youtube. Youtube banned this video (which hurt the videos feelings), so we moved it to Vimeo where it’s safely playing without fear of deletion.
Many of you have written in to tell us how much you love growing videos and that you want us to make more videos. We hear you loud and clear!
Check out 10 awesome Youtube videos that are great at explaining how to grow weed, turn bud into extracts, and more. Don't miss these videos!
From seed to stoned
“I know you don’t smoke Weed, I know This; but I’m gonna get you High Today,’cause it’s Friday. An you ain’t got shit to Do.” – Smokey
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