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franchise genetics seeds for sale

Franchise genetics seeds for sale

On the other hand Orange Juice, a variety that contains aromas and flavours that perfectly describe its name. It offers a high terpenic profile that is transmitted incredibly into the mouth, which has made it an ideal genetic base to create new and better cannabis hybrids.

On the one hand, the famous Girl Scout Cookies, known to the vast majority of growers who may never have cultivated it, but may have consumed or heard of it.
Orange Cookies is a marijuana plant created by the Franchise Genetics breeder Obsoul33t. It is a hybrid between two highly recognized varieties, Girl Scout Cookies and Orange Juice. This variety is also known as Tangarine Cookies, ofering a powerful fresh orange terpenes profile.

Orange Cookies have a vigorous development. It can be easily managed acquiring a shrub appearance. It adapts well to all cultivation methods, whether conventional with soil, coconut or in pure hydroponic systems. By using soil substrate and organic fertilizers, this quality variety will provide its maximum organoleptic power.
The harvest is ready after about 65 days of flowering, offering large and compact buds that produce a potent odour that should be controlled using carbon filters or other anti-odour systems such as Neutralizer or Ozonoficators.
It is a powerful and delicious variety that offers a good production. It delivers an incredible biscuit aroma that makes our indoor grow tent look like we are baking homemade biscuits. It has a cheerful and euphoric effect with a relaxing feeling at the end. It offers aromas and flavours with floral and earthy creamy notes that make it a much loved variety by every cannabis good fan.
It is easy to cultivate outdoors, obtaining large plants under optimal growing conditions, with many sunshine hours and a good amount of quality substrate. With Orange Cookies we can obtain high yields of even more than 800g per plant. The harvest is ready in October.
Its effect is relaxing at a physical level and euphoric at a mental level. It has a THC level of 18% which makes it ideal for uplifting and reducing stress. It is perfect for those consumers who want to relax on the sofa and watch the world go by with a wide smile on their face.

It produces large, dense and compact buds that acquire purple colours combined with different green tones. The orange pistils and the high trichomes concentration make these flowers very attractive and photogenic.

Orange Cookies, a variety offering a powerful fresh orange terpenes profile.