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flowers that grow well in oklahoma

Photo courtesy of Jessie Leigh Photography. Tulsa, OK.

If you’re interested in an underdog, Shantung Maple is an often overlooked small tree — perfect for Oklahoma gardens. Growing 25-30 feet tall, it’s quite versatile and can tolerate both wet or dry climates. Its foliage has a red tint which changes to green in summer and sunset hues in the fall.
Bald Cypress is a unique species. It prefers acidic soil, full sun and reaches a height of 50-70 feet tall. At first glance, it looks like an evergreen tree with its needles. But, around autumn, the needles will turn copper-orange and fall to the ground.

Wish it could be Christmas year ‘round? The Arizona Cypress is a native tree which is sometimes used during the holidays. Strangely fast-growing, it reaches up 20-30 feet tall and 15 feet wide. This species is also great for windbreaks, erosion control and can stand up to harsh winds (which we all know too well in Oklahoma). Worried about the warmer months? No problem, the Arizona Cypress is drought-tolerant once established and provides beautiful gray-green texture to your garden.
The Japanese Painted Fern prefers full to part shade in moist, rich soil. This species can grow up to 12-18 inches tall and is very low maintenance. With its metallic silver-gray foliage with hints of red and blue, it’s a wonderful stand-out piece with Hosta, Foam Flower and Sedge.
Of all the Elms on the market, the Valley Forge species has shown to be the most disease resistant. It’s characterized by its broad V-shape form, yellow autumn color and eventually reaches 60 feet tall. American elms are known to adapt in various soil condition — not to mention, they’re resistant to ice salts, air pollution and drought. We don’t know about you, but that’s one tough cookie (or tree in this case).
Flowers and shrubs in Oklahoma are known to earn their keep. With the high winds, clay soil and unpredictable weather, it’s hard to believe they can thrive in such elements. Each year, the Oklahoma Proven Selections program tests multiple species of trees, shrubs and flowers for their ability to survive in Oklahoma’s landscape.
Chokeberry prefers average soil in full sun or part shade and reaches 6-10 feet tall. This shrub features clusters of white and light pink flowers during spring — providing tons of nectar for hummingbirds and butterflies. During the autumn months, glossy red fruit replaces the blossoms and extends on into the winter.

Known as the best in small trees, this Persian species grows 20-40 feet fall in full sun or part shade. It blooms in early spring — before the foldable unfurls, bearing red and white flowers. The foliage itself is a mix of red and purple that transforms into a glossy green during summer. During the cooler months, it transforms yet again but into a combination of yellows and oranges.

The 15 Best Plants for Oklahoma Weather Photo courtesy of Jessie Leigh Photography. Tulsa, OK. Flowers and shrubs in Oklahoma are known to earn their keep. With the high winds, clay soil and

Flowers that grow well in oklahoma

Jeanne Mapes says

Well, I am pleased as punch to say that your top 10 all do pretty well in my garden, too! I like easy. And, these beauties always made me look like a rock star back before I knew what I was doing in the garden. Not that I know what I’m doing these days but I guess I’m getting a little smarter… 🙂
Iris ‘Oklahoma Centennial’ I know it’s purple.

One of the easiest peonies you can grow, ‘Karl Rosenfeld’ peonies with birdbath.
Yup, Steve, those are all great ones too. I grow them all. Bill said if I bring home one more plant, the gardens will explode. He may have something there.
Penstemon X which is actually, P calycosus. It can tolerate wet feet and dry shade. I grow Fairy Baby
I tried both the denver daisy and cherry brandy last year. They are beautiful!! Mine didn’t reseed. .but I did get a few to sprout in my greenhouse. .not sure if they will remain true to the parent plant or if they will look different. .I’ll let you know!! Southern Kansas seems to do well with your top 10 list too. I grow a curled petal shasta called Old Court Variety. .which is in its 3rd season in my garden. .and it’s blooms are just exquisite!! Enjoyed your list for sure!!
OSO Peachy Cream rose

those little zinnias are darling…

Ten easy flowers to grow in Oklahoma.