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Flo, aka DJ Short Flo, is a hybrid cannabis strain.

Sour Diesel is a well-known, diesel-smelling sativa. Sour D is fast and energizing, which makes it the perfect strain for Coloradans and their outdoor activities. This strain is popular for medical use because of the stress, pain and depression-relieving effects.

Blue Dream is a berry sweet strain from California. Most variants of this strain are sativa-dominate which relaxes the body and gently invigorates the mind. Blue Dream is often used as a daytime medicine for pain, depression, nausea and more, according to Leafly.
Girl Scout Cookies has won many awards at the Cannabis Cup. This hybrid is sweet and earthy and gives you full body relaxation. Girl Scout Cookies is often used for appetite loss, pain and nausea relief.

This sweet and energizing strain is named in honor of where it came from, Durban, South Africa. Since this is a sativa, it helps to keep you productive and creative. This is a perfect strain to extract concentrates because of the over-sized resin glands.
Mob Boss is a sativa-dominant hybrid from California. Citrus flavor and strong effects are what you can expect from this heavy resin strain. Mob Boss is the baby of Chemdawg D and Tang Tang. This strain is known for providing a clear head, better mood, munchies and relieves muscle tension.
These are the top 10 weeds strains that are the most common at Colorado dispensaries. From Flo to Mob Boss these strains are the most popular on the weed menu.
Focus and laughter are what you can expect from Green Crack. This is another good strain for daytime medicating and works well for fatigue, stress, and depression. Some think the name is negative, so it’s sometimes called Green Cush or Cush. (Yes, it’s with a “C.”)
The Golden Goat strain was actually an accident born in Topeka, Kansas. The father, Hawaiian-Romulan, accidentally knocked up the mother, Island Sweet Skunk. They made one sweet, sour, spicy and fruity baby which is often light green and pink in color.

Northern Lights is one of the most famous strains of all time. This indica is known for its heavy resin content, fast flowering, and resilience, according to Leafly. This indica is crystal-coasted and is a relaxer, pain, sleepiness, depression and stress reliever.

These are the top 10 weeds strains that are the most common at Colorado dispensaries. From Flo to Mob Boss these strains are the most popular on the weed menu.