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firecracker strain

Firecracker strain

Diesel Earthy Fruity overtones Pine Floral

I found an article on that might helps us gain some more information on this strain:
First, a complicated cross between NYC Diesel and Willy’s Wonder was bred to produce Willy D. This was then crossed with itself, and Firecracker was created. This lineage includes a very nice amount of relatives which gives this strain balanced effects. Its parentage also includes some sativas, like Sour Diesel and Chemdawg, so be careful. If you smoke too much, it could be overwhelming.

Very ‘heady’ experience that I found to be a productivity-booster, as well as a strain that works well on inflammation.
— | — | — Myrcene | Anti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antibiotic, Sedative | ?? Caryophyllene | Anti-Inflammatory, Pain-Relief, Antioxidant, Relaxation | ?? Limonene | Appetite Control, Anti-Inflammatory, Gastric Reflux | ?
If you caught a recent post of mine, I Think I’m In Love ? With Grassroots Cannabis, then you already recognize the #strain. I promised a review of this one last week, after getting ‘more acquainted’. After almost a week of testing it out, I am excited to share some more about the ‘Firecracker’.
Pretty hard hitter, so this is not what I consider a medium potency strain, it’s pretty high THC at 26.6% – a little goes a long way, but the taste might convince you otherwise.
A mysterious and undocumented strain, so finding its genetics has proven difficult. I was lucky enough to see the Grassroots team when I visited the local dispensary, so I got to see the photos of the grow for the ‘Firecracker’. The bud colas were intensely huge. It’s a heavy yielding strain from the massive grow facility shots that I got to see.

This one won’t hold you down during the day. It’s an uplifting and concentrated feeling that hits you with a jolt o energy. I wouldn’t recommend this one as a night ? time strain unless you want to be up late organizing your closet. A great day strain ☀️ that helped me remain productive even with a pinched nerve in my neck. Great combatant for pain and inflammation, it really helped me with both.

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