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fire og seeds

First things first – like any other marijuana, WiFi OG will make your mouth dry as the desert, so prepare a bottle of water in advance. Sometimes dry eyes may also occur. If you exceed the right amount of weed for you, you may face side-effects such as anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia.

As it was mentioned before, White Fire OG seeds are not exactly the easiest ones to grow if you have absolutely no experience in cultivating. However, it is not the hardest one, either! The main trick to growing these gorgeous seeds is to always pay a lot of attention to maintaining the right PH level. White Fire OG seeds really love it when the environment is acidic. Moreover, this plant tends to stretch during the flowering phase, so it is vital to give it as much space as it needs.
Trent P. – November 17, 2019 :

Dana A. – October 21, 2019 :
Great time growing this pot and had some delicious results. Highly recommend growing indoors. The weed helps with stress and sleep.
baha56 – September 10, 2018 :
Just like many other medical marijuana strains, White Fire OG is no exception. People claim that it has helped them a lot with every day or work-related stress, as well as in some cases of anxiety. White Fire OG is also quite a tool to help you deal with depression and fatigue. On top of all that, this weed will help to reduce your pain level.
The taste is strong, and it stays in your mouth even after you’ve smoked it. It is pine and diesel with hints of sweetness and earth.

$ 48.00 – $ 80.00 20% VAT

White Fire OG is a feminized strain with a high yield. Grow difficulty: Medium. White Fire OG is a cross between The White and Fire OG. Flowering period 7-9 weeks. FREE. Seeds. Delivery to the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.