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Nature Safe offers an exceptional program to establish turf seedlings, saving valuable time during the grow-in of new turf. It also provides the food energy necessary to replenish natural soil microbes.
Nature Safe is a dry pelleted fertilizer made of various plant and animal meals that balance proteins and fats that contain essential natural amino acids, chelated secondary elements, vitamins and enzymes. Our all-natural ingredients supply the food energy your lawns and landscapes need to increase the number of natural microbes found in the soil, while also providing the basic nutrients needed for healthy plant growth and improved overall turf and landscape quality.
Lawncare operators across the country are switching to Nature Safe for turf and ornamentals, making their clients’ yards look like a country club. A Nature Safe program results in turf with great color and density that is well-rooted and resists diseases. With many all-natural and organic products as well as fortified products to choose from, Nature Safe is safe for children and pets. Also, our expanded product offering features several formulations that combine the benefits of high-quality organic nutrition with a variety of cost-effective inorganic nitrogen solutions. Increase your customer satisfaction and retention with Nature Safe.
After the top growth has slowed, apply Nature Safe as a dormant feed for the turf. As the soil temperatures fluctuate, the Nature Safe release rate is slowly metered out for terrific spring color.
Nature Safe’s ingredients include blood meal and bone meal, all of which are ideal for your floral fertility needs. Flower beds will benefit from a Nature Safe program with improved flower stand, bloom set, color and intensity. Overall, plants will be healthier, with deeper roots and stronger stems.
Nature Safe fertilizers for lawn care programs meet the demands for improved turf quality for all soil and turf types. The key to success with Nature Safe is its cumulative effect on improving soil health, thereby impacting plant health. Nature Safe is a foundational product to be used every two to three months during the growing season at various applied rates. Listed below are some major benefits to the different program approaches. For specific rates and timing, please contact your local Nature Safe Professional.
Soil microbes, soil temperature and moisture naturally control and regulate the slow release rate of Nature Safe. This controlled rate of release promotes healthy soil and stronger plants.
Nature Safe is ideal for environmentally sensitive areas. It can be applied near lakes, streams and wetland areas and will not leach.
Nature Safe is a high organic WIN fertilzer with minimal leaching and volatilization. The slow microbial release rate promotes excellent efficiency as well as excellent color, density and even growth. This makes Nature Safe ideal for applications near sensitive environmental areas, such as wetlands, streams and lakes.
Do you have all you need to take care of your lawn? Visit Nature Safe on our website to browse our fertilizer for lawn care products & more.