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female dwarf shaman

Oh . SNAP . that is a winner.

Vodkavoltage, or variations.. Vodkavolt, Vodkajolt.. I’m really out of ideas, I usually pick something in latin, but dwarf is almost a synonyme for booze, even though it might be ‘unimaginative’ to just combine a specific alchohol beverage with a word that fits the class, I still find it funny

WTB tomorrow without extensions on maintenance.

but i agree the word shock is far overused.

Bob. Great name for a dwarf shaman


Ghim( and no it’s NOT related to tolkein)

or something cool like

It’s either dwarf related for a first name or beer related for a last name.

i’m looking for a name for my new dwarf male/female shaman (probably elemental with resto os) ;p all suggestions welcome :> thanks in advance!