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fem light

“It’s a lily.” The detective replies in a hazy tone, the expression of who’s wondering if it’s the right answer to her girlfriend’s curiosity. It’s amusing seeing the woman dealing with the variety of twisted emotions humans can share and display off carelessly, as if it’s a puzzle composed of billions of pieces shattered everywhere. L is sometimes slow at picking the right one up, though Light believes it’s all an antics to prove she’s better at coping with her inner humanity than people imagine.
“Which colour would it be if you had to chose one?” A lily, so. Did L do it on purpose, didn’t she?
“A white one. I guess.”
[ Fluffy fem!lawlight inspired by white day ]

(Prequel to The Light’s Despair)

Yagami Raito just moved to Mitakihara City. She and another are starting their first day at Mitakihara Junior High.

Until one day, she stumbles upon a world of magic.

Yagami Raito is an above average girl.

(Previously titled Kira? More Like Magical Girl. Can be read by itself, but if you want a backstory, go read Part 1)

Oh, and she’s a Magical Girl.
“I would remind you that we are not men.”

She’s considered a genius, she skipped a few grades, and she’s about to go to college as a 15 year old.

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