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fem jon snow

The song of Lyarra Snow is a sad one. Beautiful but baseborn, scorned by those above her station and yet desired by them. Much like her aunt before her, she was stolen in the night, never to be seen again. Or so they sing in the South.

Visenya survives the war of the five kings to retake winterfell in Rickon Stark, the king in the north’s name. Now she ventures to Dragonstone to treat with the Dragon king who may or may not be her uncle, at least according to her brother who thinks he’s an all seeing raven.

There was no kindness in winter, nor was there beauty or any pig shit the Stark’s sprouted.

Ned Stark no permitía que nadie se le acercara o que ella estuviera sola, la vigilaba constantemente haciendo que Joanna a veces sintiera que era la prisionera de su propio padre, no es como si alguien fuera a raptarla o a comenzar una guerra por una niña bastarda incluso si todos decían que era demasiado parecida a su tía Lyanna o incluso mas hermosa que Ashara Dayne o la misma reina Cersei.

Two months ago, if someone had insinuated that Lyarra Snow’s relationship with her half-brother Robb Stark was anything but appropriate, she would have hit them in the face, then call Robb and invite him to also hit them in the face, before laughing it off over fries and milkshakes.
That was, of course, before the accident.
Two months later, she would still be paying the price.

Or, Little Lyarra Snow is raised by the Lannister’s au that no one asked for but you got anyway.

She would go to the Night’s Watch, however, there is one problem; she is a girl. With little other options, Lyarra decides to travel to Essos to pursue a life as a healer for the Guardians of Trios.

El Torneo de Lannisport se realizara para celebrar el reinado de Robert, lo que nadie esperaba era que los rumores sobre ella fueran ciertos, se decía que era la mujer mas bella de los Siete Reinos, y muchos nobles podrían dar testimonio de ello.

She leaves the Seven Kingdoms a bastard and returns a queen.

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