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fastest flowering cannabis strain

Fastest flowering cannabis strain

Some cannabis strains complete their bloom cycle really fast

Sometimes, you may not be sure about which cannabis strains to purchase for your next grow. Your personal taste and circumstances will greatly determine your decision, so while some of you may be looking for high yields or certain effect, others may prefer strains resistant to moulds or with the shortest possible flowering period.
Last but not least, Early Widow was developed after a tough process of selection performed by the guys at Elite Seeds, who were looking for an outstanding specimen with high potency and early flowering. Thus, they crossed Speed Skunk with White Widow and obtained compact and dark plants with very intense effect and a bloom period that only takes around 50 days. Her high resistance to pests and diseases is also outstanding, being suitable for novice growers or for those who just look for an easy to grow strain.

In many occasions, the path followed by breeders to develop their genetics is similar, looking to fix certain traits in the offspring. Thus, today we’ll present a list of strains known for their early flowering trait. As you’ll see next, all varieties listed here have a bloom period no longer than 8 weeks, something that – on the other hand – doesn’t question their quality at all.
What happens when a skillful breeder like Biovortex develops a hybrid with two of the most sought-after clones of the West Coast of the USA? An astounding strain like Black D.O.G. from Humboldt Seeds, a cross between the popular Blackberry Kush and the also renowned Emeral Headband, a true classic from the Californian Emerald Triangle. Her average yield is compensated by the high quality of her flowers, which provide awesome grape and wild fruits notes on a diesel background. And it is ready in just 7-8 weeks! Available in packs of 3 and 5 feminised seeds.
We’ve carefully checked our category of fast flowering strains – which includes some of the fastest varieties in our catalogue of marijuana seeds – and have chosen the following list, which includes genetics that do not take longer than 8 weeks to be ready to harvest. Of course, and as you can see by checking that category, there are many other strains sharing this trait. We have chosen these 7 plants because we’ve tried them and we know they represent a very good balance between several desirable traits, as for example abundant yield, good quality and, of course, a very short flowering period.
Early Maroc by Philosopher Seeds, the fastest strain for outdoor crops
Jamaican Dream is a dream come true for all lovers of Sativa genetics. Developed by the guys at Eva Seeds, she combines the best traits of both Indica (compact and bushy structure) and Sativa strains (uplifting effect and sweet, citric flavour). Suitable for both outdoor and indoor cultivation, she is normally ready after just 45 days of bloom, something absolutely impressive for a plant of this kind. It is then a strain highly recommended for novice growers for her resistance, fast flowering and excellent results. It is available in packs of 3, 6 and 9 feminised seeds.

The guys at House of the Great Gardener crossed a splendid Himalayan Indica with a solid and stable Skunk #1 to create René, a cannabis strain highly appreciated for patients who need to relieve pains and reduce spasms. Her growth pattern is compact and sturdy, typical of Indica genetics, while her bloom period takes only from 7 to 8 weeks. Both the terpene profile and the excellent quality of her trichomes have made possible for René to be awarded in some of the most reputed cannabis events and cups around the world, especially in the resin extraction category. Available in packs of 6 feminised seeds.

In this article we take a look at some of the fastest cannabis strains on the market. While also taking into account other traits like yield or qualit

The parents of Candy Cane marijuana are White Widow, Mango, and AK47 strains.

The whole plant is going to be sturdy and will have lengthy branches. The bud’s production is also on the high side with this best marijuana strain for beginners.
This is one of the best mold resistant strains out there. It will also help resist various kind of infestations.

The THC, CBD, and CBN combined together, give the smokers a very long-lasting and fast-acting head high. It will make your whole-body stones.
It smells very intense and powerful . When smoking this marijuana, you will get a floral and hash taste. The high of this strain is really high and will give you strong cerebral stone as well.
Although it is medicinal in nature, the medical benefits are fewer. The reason for that is the very low CBD levels in this strain.
The overall smell of this strain is a mix of strong skunk smell and lemon aroma.
The size of the buds on this marijuana plant is huge, and its branches are densely packed with leaves and masses of trichomes.

Now, talking about the flavors, it will have a combination of fruity, spicy, earthy, and strawberry flavors in it.

We have compiled a list of TOP 25 Fastest Flowering Strains of 2020 that are going to blow you mind with their RAPID development! Check NOW!