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fastest and most mold resistant strain

As the name says, it tastes like strawberries. You will also get very minute undertones of skunky taste after smoking this strain. The smell of this strain includes a mixture of earthy, fruity, and herbal tones.

The overall THC content in this marijuana is 18.1%, which is really high to give a great punch. As time passes, this sudden punch will convert into a more of a sedative and relaxing experience.
Vietnam Black mother has a huge production quality along with very resin rich buds. Whereas, the Yunnan Chinese Indica has a short height and a very quick flowering time.

The weed plant will give you an approximate yield of about 450 to 600 grams per plant if you grow it outdoors. In case you grow it indoors, you can expect a harvest of 350 grams per square meter.
This marijuana strain is resistant to a lot of diseases and will survive in warm or cold weathers.
The effects of smoking this best cannabis strain include energetic, relaxed, happy, and euphoric .
Best part?
As this best marijuana strain has a lot of CBD in it, it is perfect for medical usage. You can get help in the following ailments and illnesses :

The overall smell of this strain is very sweet and has undertones of fruity flavor. After smoking this marijuana, you are going to get potent, cerebral, and psychedelic highs, so make sure that you are ready for a roller coaster ride on your couch.

Worried about mold in your marijuana garden? Checkout the Reviews of the Best Mold Resistant Strain Seeds By Reliable and Excellent Seed Banks.

Fastest and most mold resistant strain

Shining Silver Haze is well-equipped against humid and stagnant conditions, with a powerful line of defence against mould cells, making it hard for them to get a foothold. She produces large, fat buds that can take a toll on the lanky stature of this strain, often requiring growers to stake her for added structural support.

Shining Silver Haze is an award-winning variety that has been a hit within the cannabis world since the ‘90s. Her immaculate genetics stem from powerful pedigree parent strains Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze. This superstar lineup formed a hybrid strain known for intense psychoactive effects that range from cerebral and stimulating to stoning and relaxing. These flowers contain a high THC content that induces a stress-busting state of euphoria.
This variety can be grown successfully in both indoor and outdoor environments. Indoor plants burst from seed to harvest in as little as 60–65 days and provide significant yields of 400–500g/m². Outdoor plants take advantage of more space to spread their roots and are capable of producing rewarding yields of 600–1000g/plant.

Mould is a multicellular fungus that usually decomposes dead organic matter, yet can also affect living organisms, such as various plants and animals. Mould can be a big issue for growers, especially those dealing with damp conditions with little to no airflow. Mould usually takes the form of a white fuzz present on leaves and flowers, and is a devastating sight for growers who may have been halfway through cultivating an otherwise perfectly healthy crop.
Stress Killer Automatic is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that offers high amounts of CBD, making her a fine choice for users seeking high doses of the therapeutic cannabinoid without getting too elevated in the process. Her effects are clear, pleasant, and allow the user to continue with their daily tasks without any mental obstruction.
There are several means of preventing mould formation, with genetics playing an important role. Some strains have developed the ability to resist mould to a certain extent, and here are the top 5.
Stress Killer Automatic is a hardy and resilient specimen that stems from parent strains Lemon Shining Silver Haze, Juanita la Lagrimosa and Ruderalis. This powerful genetic base has gifted this variety a potent defence against mould invasion, keeping her precious flowers safe and ensuring high levels of protection over a crop. She’s also highly tolerant to excess humidity, an environmental factor that contributes toward the formation of mould.
Mould can be a devastating blow to a grower’s crop, potentially ruining it entirely. These strains feature genetic traits that make them highly resistant to mould.

This strain has a preference for indoor growth and greenhouses, where she can pump out a good yield of 450–550g/m². Plants still perform well outdoors and offer their grower a harvest of approximately 550g/plant. Indoors, Shining Silver Haze has a flowering time of 9–11 weeks. Outdoor plants will be ready for harvesting in late October.

Depending on environmental conditions, mould can be a major threat to cannabis crops. These strains have a genetic advantage against its formation.