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famous skunk names

Famous skunk names

If you’ve a baby skunk as a pet, here are a few more names you should consider.

You probably won’t find a skunk with more swag than Kicks.
Funky: The name Funky comes from putting the words fun and skunk together. The letter “y” at the end of it helps it sound a little catchy. All pets are fun to keep, regardless of how much effort you have to put in to take care of them. So Funky isn’t too bad for a name, is it?

Kicks: Kicks is a cool and fictional skunk from the video game series, Animal Crossing.
Here are a few more names that you can use for a female skunk. You can’t go wrong with choosing any one of these.
Leia: Do you sometimes feel that your skunk is royalty in your home but is also quite independent and intelligent? If your answer is yes, then you should consider naming your skunk after Princess Leia from one of the biggest sci-fi films Star Wars.
Over the years, there have been only a few fictional skunks in animated TV series. So, we selected 3 of the most popular ones and have discussed each one in detail below.
If you plan to keep a skunk as a pet in your home, here are some names you should consider giving them.

Nugget: It’ll be hard for you to find someone who doesn’t like chicken nuggets. They’re small, cute, and awesome – which is how you could describe your skunk too. So, the name Nugget is apt for an adorable little skunk. You can always modify the name too and call your skunk Nuggie, especially when it’s a baby.

Skunks can make great pets, even though they smell sometimes. If you’re getting a skunk as a pet, here are some cute and funny names for skunks.

Famous skunk names

Pick a tiny name or perhaps a kind of cheese. There are so many cute mouse names on this list!

Favorite foods of gliders often inspire great names as does the natural habitat of the sugar glider.
You’ll have a howling good time trying to pick a name for your wolf or wolfdog.

Hamsters seem to be able to pull off just about any name in the book. Favorites are Alexander, Captain Hook, and Milky Way.
Check out these exotic names for exotic pets, and maybe you’ll get a few ideas to name your own pet. If you’re having a hard time finding a name you like, don’t just stick to the list for the specific kind of pet you have. Try searching the other species for even more pet name ideas!
Names that mimic the hissing noise are popular with sssssnake lovers.
Shelly, Herman, Crabby, and other popular names are great options for these small pet crabs. Take a look at these hermit crab names.
Potbellied pigs often have ironic names like Kevin Bacon, Hammy, and Porkchop. Take a look at some name ideas for pot-bellied pigs.

Domestic ferrets are found in the wild but their cousins the black-footed ferrets, mink, and other critters are. Think about where these animals reside to pick a suitable name or get creative and choose one that reflects how mischievous your pet is!

Naming pets can be difficult. Thankfully, there are hundreds of exotic pet name ideas here for you to choose from depending on what pet you have.