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fam auto sales

b. Normally, vehicles are to be sold on a competitive basis as replacement property.� An exception involves all armored vehicles.

a. State only :� Posts must notify and obtain pre-approval from A/LM/PMP/OF and the respective program office (such as Diplomatic Security or Overseas Buildings Operations) to dispose of all program armored and nonarmored vehicles.
(8)� Causing damage to official vehicles through abuse or neglect of the vehicle;

(Office of Origin: A/LM)
(CT:LOG-258;�� 04-05-2019)
(USAID Only)
b. USAID only :� The overseas vehicle inventory is maintained via ILMS.� USAID�s annual inventory report is certified by the EXO and/or their designate.� USAID�s CFO requirement for the quarterly capitalized asset depreciation report and M/MS/OMD�s annual vehicle inventory reporting requirements are managed within ILMS.� The vehicle record (formerly Form AID 5-197, Motor Vehicle Record) for USAID-funded vehicles are electronically maintained in ILMS.� All vehicle acquisitions and disposals must be recorded in ILMS within five days of receipt or disposal of a vehicle.� Vehicle disposal documentation (Form AID 534-1) must be properly completed and provided to M/MS/OMD for all vehicle disposals.
Fleet Management Council (FMC) (State) :� A Department of State-led advisory council comprised of representatives from regional and functional bureaus with vehicle fleet equities that advises domestic and overseas fleet management staff. �The Bureau of Administration chairs the FMC.
(2)� Transportation of U.S. Government employees, including individuals hired by the U.S. Government under personal services agreements/personal services contracts, and U.S. Government property which is directly related to the conduct of U.S. Government business; this provision extends to the transportation of employees in-country to monitor foreign assistance development projects;

e. Other federal agencies at post :

Fam auto sales Managing official vehicles at posts abroad (Office of Origin: A/LM) 14 FAM 431 �SCOPE, AUTHORITIES, AND RESPONSIBILITIES (CT:LOG-258;�� 04-05-2019)