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euphoric herbals

Euphoric herbals

If you plan to take alfalfa, you need to know the various ways it can be consumed. You can eat it, use it in a tea, or take it in pill form. It is best if you talk to a lactation consultant or doctor before you add alfalfa to your current diet.

Many women have tried this tea and now produce an abundance of milk. If you hope to go back to work, you can now express pump extra milk and save it by freezing it. Your little one may have to take it from a bottle, but it’s still breast milk, which is much healthier and more nutritious for your baby.
We know that now is a difficult time for you. For one, you have just given birth, so you are tired, irritable, and have a baby to feed around the clock. Plus, some new moms find that their breast milk is slow to come. This is normal, but it can be a bit scary, too. You have to ensure that your baby gets enough nutrition.

Most breastfeeding moms feel that they don’t want to take pills. It can seem to be too much like medication. If that sounds like you, an alfalfa leaf tea might be better. Milky Mama Tea is an herbal tea that can enrich and increase breast milk. The best part is you can drink it hot or iced, which means it doesn’t matter what season it is. You can enjoy delicious-tasting tea and boost your breast milk supply, as well.
As Food: Most women find it easiest to add alfalfa to their diet by eating it. You’ll find that the alfalfa seeds and sprouts taste almost like peas. Therefore, you can easily add them to soups, salads, and other foods. Plus, you can use it as a side dish, as well.
For whatever reason, you do not want to bottle-feed. Therefore, you need to boost milk production as soon as possible. You can do that with alfalfa leaf. The Milky Mama Tea has this and other natural ingredients that will all work together to help you achieve the results you desire.
As Tea: The alfalfa leaf is quite bitter, but the sprouts are not. Therefore, the leaves of the plant are often dried and then prepared as a tea. To make it, you will use up to two teaspoons of the dried alfalfa leaves per eight ounces of boiling water. It is safe to drink three cups (eight ounces each) of alfalfa tea per day. Of course, you can find commercially-prepared tea mixes that contain alfalfa and other helpful ingredients. We will talk more about that later.
Tablets and Capsules: It’s easy to find a variety of alfalfa supplements on the market, either in capsule or tablet form. Generally, it’s best to start with one capsule or tablet and take one four times a day. You can increase your amount of eight pills each day. However, it is always best to listen to your lactation consultant or doctor on the right dosage for your needs.

If you wanted to, you could go back through history and see that alfalfa has played a significant role in women’s health throughout the centuries. Mothers who choose to breastfeed have been using the plant to help them support lactation for many decades. Alfalfa contains plant estrogens called phytoestrogens. They can help you increase your milk supply and breast tissue, too.

There are a variety of methods for breastfeeding women to increase their low supply of breast milk. One way to do that is to use breastfeeding herbs. You’ll find many options out there, and one of…

Euphoric herbals

We work with the highe st quality suppliers and we source only organic fair-trade herbs whenever possible. We pay great attention to our supply chain, even sourcing our Moringa from Ghana & Haiti that support over 500 women farmers. We require microbiological testing and a certificate of analysis from all of our suppliers for every ingredient we use in our products. Euphoric Herbals believes that business can be used as a force for good; this is why we offer an annual midwifery scholarship, sponsor multiple children through Children’s International and a sister with Women for Women International.

Euphoric Herbals has helped families, friends, and women increase milk supply naturally since 2010.
Euphoric Herbals is located in Delaware, where they strive to create a space where all families can connect and be encouraged to live healthier and happier lives.

While our products were birthed out of Cindy’s kitchen with a baby on her back and toddler at her feet, we have come a long way since then. We follow good manufacturing practices; which means we document everything under the sun from receiving, manufacturing, packaging and labeling all of our products. We make our products in small batches using the highest quality products from vetted suppliers that have a reputable history.
We believe the only way to do great work is to love what you do. We only create products that inspire and add value to the marketplace. We are passionate about developing amazing products to serve our customers with. A lot of the products we have created have been inspired directly by the doula clients Cindy served.
Our founder, Cindy Collins, is a certified herbalist and certified lactation counselor. She initially started developing herbal products during her first pregnancy for personal use, then for her community and doula clients then expanded the line with new blends, herbal teas and salves for the childbearing year. She formulated her first lactation blend after giving birth to her third son. Cindy soon opened an online store to help even more families along their journey to holistic health through encouragement of her doula clients. We make nearly 30 products for people in all seasons of life, however we are most well- known for our unique lactation formulas. Since then, Euphoric Herbals products have served over 10,000 customers in 58 countries – that’s a lot of milk and a lot of healthy, happy mamas and
Some popular Euphoric Herbals products are:
babies whose lives we are honored to have touched.

Breastfeeding Bundle – A combination of our bestselling lactation products that consist of 2 capsule blends, Milky Mama tea and a tea steeper.

Meet Our Sponsor: Euphoric Herbals Euphoric Herbals has helped families, friends, and women increase milk supply naturally since 2010. Our founder, Cindy Collins, is a certified herbalist and