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empty transdermal patches

Empty transdermal patches

Dosage form: In what form will the drug be administered?

Drug – The drug contained within the membrane or in the adhesive.
The transdermal patch design is dictated by the properties of the drug. If you’re working with an active ingredient, you’ve likely already characterized it. These are typically the main areas considered:

For patients and caregivers, it’s a non-invasive, painless way to administer medication that provides a constant therapeutic dosage for a limited period of time.

– The outermost layer of the patch, which protects the formulation during the wear period.
As you’re reviewing material vendors, make sure they have a Drug Master File (DMF) established with the FDA. The Drug Master File is a confidential document provided from a material supplier to the FDA. It provides details on how a product is manufactured.
For example, at one point, the FDA was interested in patients’ abilities to clearly identify the difference between the liner and the patch itself. Regulations were being considered that would require differentiation between the patch and the liner. For example the patch would be opaque and the liner translucent.
“Compatibility between materials and equipment is essential for a smooth commercialization process,” Schubert notes. For example, if a component roll is 48” wide, it is better to run 12” rolls with no waste versus cutting materials into two (2) 17” rolls with a yield loss of 14”.

Whether it’s your company or the vendors you’re working with, make sure a close eye is kept on the evolving FDA guidelines. As Schubert pointed out, they will not only dictate much of your design, but they can also lead to innovation.

Choosing the right materials for transdermal patches requires considering a number of factors.

Empty transdermal patches

Whether it’s for treating superficial disorders or for curing systemic ailments, medical patches as a transdermal drug delivery system are now one of the most popular means of caring for the skin and body.

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