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emerald cup winners 2015

3rd Place – Massive D by 3rd Gen Fam/Terphogz/Dyingbreed Seeds/Moonshine Melts

1st Place – Lifted: Cherry Mango Bites by Angela Evans
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Best Edible
1st Place – Hummingbird Lane Blue Dream Tincture by Kimberly Chilcutt, Hummingbird Lane All Natural
3rd Place – Kimbo Kush 6 by Brad Colbert, Trinity Concentrates (washed by Head Hunter Extracts)
Best Dry Sieve Concentrate
1st Place – CBD Elixir – Coconut by Humboldt Harvest

2nd Place – 3rd Gen Lem by 3rd Gen Fam/Terphogz/Dyingbreed Seeds/Moonshine Melts

The 12th edition of the Emerald Cannabis Cup was held in December at Sonoma County, in California.

Carts – Live Resin
1st place Lime Mojito Refined Live Resin Cartridge – Raw Garden, Santa Barbara
2nd place California Sauce Lemon Cake – Legion of Bloom, Sonoma
3rd place Blue River x Talking Trees Angel Food Cake Jelly Cart – Advesa Wellness x Talking Trees, Alameda

Flower – Personal Use
1st place LA Kush Cake – Paula Jobe-Hudgens, Nevada
2nd place “Skunky” Cookies Jon “Texas” Kelley
3rd place Blackjack Debbie Perticara Humboldt
Flower – Sungrown
1st place Ridgeline Runtz Ridgeline Farms Humboldt
2nd place POG (Passion Orange Guava) Greenshock Farms Mendocino
3 White Runtz Humboldt Redwood Healing Humboldt

Carts – CO2
1st place Nectar – Ancient Lime Eel River Organics, Humboldt
2nd place Elevated Sativa Vape Cartridge – Humboldt Alchemy Group, Humboldt
3rd place Ghost Train Haze – Accentian x Gold Drop, Alameda
Bob Snodgrass Award (Glass Artist)
Flower – Mixed Light Flower
1st place Ice Cream Cake Josh D. Santa Barbara
2nd place T.I.T.S. Diamondback Genetics Yolo
3rd place OG T.I.T.S. Diamondback Genetics Yolo
Flower – Pre Roll
Talking Trees Farms Mixed Light “it’s It” Pre Roll Talking Trees Farms Humboldt
Breeders Hall of Fame
Mel Frank

Carts – Distillates
1st place The Monarch Tangie -Legion of Bloom of Bloom x Ridge Top Botanicals – Sonoma
2nd place Roses Sauce Cartridge – Beezle Brands, Sonoma
3rd place The Monarch Banjo Solventless Terpenes – Legion of Bloom x Humboldt Trees, Sonoma

The Emerald Cup