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emdog strain review

This powerhouse elite US clone introduced to us by Cypress Hill’s front man B
Real is the result of his two favorite strains, the original OG Kush aka
“the crippy” crossed with the Chem #4. This unique blend of both gassy top
shelf flowers will remind you of the oldschool.

Keif Sweat is part of the Cypress Hill / Soul Assassins
crew, and his product is being smoked by all of LA’s top Dj’s,
musicians and celebrities.
I have 1 chemdog seed from a mendo smuggler.
It was off the hook, level 10 shit.
Reminded me of old colorado P bud.

DrGT is already a breeder from Canada.
B real should go as b real.
Its kinda confusing.
Harvest 8-9 Weeks
Outdoor : Mid October
I had a soul assasin s1 from riot, but she didn’t germ.
10$ seed can be as potent as 100$ seed.
Sometimes I splurge on friends expensive seed
(, but mainly I grow my own an swaps an freebies and don’t spend much on seed. )
Keif´s mission is to continue the innovation of the OG Kush line, and this
cross is the one that made B Real get so excited that he decided to put
his name on it.

Dude didn’t want to sell seed period.
But I got one.

I am very interested in this strain and would love to know if anyone has smoked and/or grown it before. It is a new strain from DR.GreenThumb. Here is a…