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easy smoke tricks

Posted by Slo Co on Mar 1st 2018

To blow O’s, take a big pull and let the smoke settle in the back of your throat. Then, put your lips into the shape of a ring and gently puff out the smoke little by little.
Once you get into tricks there’s no going back. These are fun to do when you’re vaping by yourself or when you’re trying to impress your friends.

That’s why it’s better to watch videos and tutorials from people who really know what they’re doing, then practice on your own before showing your friends.
Your reflection helps you notice what you’re doing wrong and right. It gives you the direction you need to improve at doing smoke tricks with vape juice.
Do you want to go fast and blow cheerios? Maybe learn to do double or triple O’s one day? All of these things start with the basic “O.”
As it’s moving out of your mouth, gently inhale through your nose. This is enough force to grab the smoke and move it up for the French inhale.
This will create a split that looks like a bow tie and creates two mini-Os.

The key is to maintain control as you do this; you don’t want to blow all the smoke out at once. Instead, send the smoke out of your throat in small forces of wind from your throat.

Trying to learn some new smoke tricks or vape tricks? Well here is a step by step guide to help you along your way.