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easiest strain to grow indoors

Easiest strain to grow indoors

SCROG is also an option for the experienced cultivator, as Silver Haze #9 Feminized grows tall and narrow with only marginal lateral branching (and has the obvious advantage of being feminized so you don’t have to wade in looking for males during flowering). With zealous resin production and a classic flavour, this Haze won’t disappoint you.

Sensi Skunk Automatic is a wonderfully easy and rewarding strain. These seeds are both feminized and autoflowering, for a hassle-free grow. It harnesses the qualities that have made Skunk a household name and multiple award winner, and delivers them in a format that even people with no gardening experience or special equipment can achieve great results with.
We hope you have found inspiration for your first – or next – adventure into cannabis. Some final things to remember: don’t be discouraged by mistakes. Everybody starts somewhere, and even such legends as Eagle Bill (for whom Sensi Seeds has named their newest strain) made errors in the beginning (he used to shake his male plants to demonstrate how much pollen was on them, not realising that not only were the males useless, but he was pollinating his females!). Learn from your mistakes, and if you are an absolute beginner, pick a strain that will be likely to bounce back from them.

The plants will stay quite small, usually finishing at just under a metre, and have a short flowering period of about 55 days. Flowering is triggered once the seedlings are around a month old, sometimes even sooner, so you can look forward to pleasing harvests of dense, sparkling buds as many as three times a year under the right circumstances!
Despite being described as mild, when its flowers are consumed they are by no means ineffectual. Shiva Shanti II can be thought of as a vintage strain, harking back to the seventies when grow techniques were nowhere near as advanced as they are now. Together with its gentle influence, the oldschool flavours make it an excellent choice for people who enjoy consuming but do not want to become incapacitated. Ideal for the weekend or occasional user, and all novice growers!
The resulting strain produces compact plants with dense, spiky buds and a consistent Xmas tree shape which makes them easy to work with in small indoor grow areas. Also coming from their indica heritage is the short flowering time (45 – 50 days) and deep, earthy, distinctively Afghan flavours. Not to be outdone, the sativa side expresses itself in tropical fruity topnotes and a very giggly element to the effects of consuming it, which nicely balances the body stone. Despite the stocky nature of the plants and the short blooming period, American Dream produces large yields.
If you’ve already got numerous successful indoor grows under your belt, and you want to try something that both requires and rewards skill and patience, this feminized version of the world-famous Northern Lights #5 x Haze is for you.
Big Bud is the result of a painstaking breeding program that blended a prized Afghan cultivar with the Skunk Afghan genetics of the original clone-only Big Bud, resulting in a pungent indica-dominant variety. The colas it produced were so massive that the name for this new strain was immediately self-evident!

Fast, tough, forgiving, cheap, and with an effect that is on the milder end of the scale, Shiva Shanti II could almost be named ‘My First Cannabis’. One of the guiding principles of Sensi Seeds has always been to make the best cannabis genetics available to as many people as possible, which is why Shiva Shanti II has such a low price yet such high quality performance. A 75% indica, mostly via the Afghan side of its heritage, it has a fast flowering time and average height gain, yet delivers sizeable yields. The Skunk that makes up the rest of its lineage adds a bright high and hint of citrus to the relaxing body stone and garlicky aroma.

Wondering what cannabis strains are the cream of the indoor crop? Discover the top 10 most fantastic varieties for growing cannabis indoors (with tips for ideal use). For beginner or advanced grower. Which strains are easiest to grow indoors and which have the largest yields? Find out now.

Easiest strain to grow indoors

In order to get the best results with growing cannabis, you need to pay regular attention to your plants. However, that’s a lot easier said than done! Maybe you don’t have a lot of time, and you just want to do the “bare minimum” and still get to harvest. Although I highly encourage you to take great care of your plants, if this sounds like you, you may get the best results by choosing a hardy strain that’s been specifically bred to be easy to grow and can roll with the punches.

Based on personal experience, I’ve put together a list of popular cannabis strains with exceptional genetics which makes them…well, just plain better to grow. I’ll explain why I picked each strain so you can use the knowledge to further your own research and help you pick the best strain for your next grow!

  • Weirdly potent – Jack Herer by Sensi Seeds – Sometimes called the “champagne of strains”, the true version of Jack Herer is obscenely expensive and is only available in “regular” (non-feminized) form from Sensi Seeds. It’s a world famous strain with buds that blend some of the best tropical Sativa genes for an “up” effect, combined with strong Indica genes to give it a heavy body effect – the best of both worlds! It has amazing resin production that extends from the buds to the leaves, producing valuable trim. It has only average yields and can be a little tough to grow, so it’s meant more for the connoisseur who just wants the best as opposed to growers who care about getting the highest yields possible. Although it’s very mold-resistant, it doesn’t respond that well to topping (cutting off the main stem to “split” the plant) and should only be trained using LST (low stress training) to get the best results.

Blue AutoMazar Just Before Harvest
Easy – Forgiving and Easy to Grow
For that reason, I highly recommend sticking with photoperiod (“regular”) strains if you’re specifically looking for a strain that’s particularly easy to grow and can bounce back from problems.

  • Quickest Time to Harvest – Auto Lemon OG Haze by Nirvana – Nirvana is known for producing stabilized strains where you always get exactly what they tell you to expect. Their Auto Lemon OG Haze strain is the result of 5 generations of careful breeding. The resulting buds have a creative, energetic effect that also comes with a body “buzz” and is ready to harvest as soon as 2 months from seed, though giving the plant an extra week or two before harvesting can dramatically increase your yields. This strain produces dense chunky buds that look beautiful and have a pleasant fruity/citrus scent.

Northern Light buds aren’t as smelly as many other strains of cannabis, and plants tend to be very forgiving and easy to grow

When I first started growing cannabis, I was so excited to finally be able to pick my own strains! I was also a little (a lot?) confused about the whole concept of strains. I had so many questions… What’s the difference between each strain? Which ones are the most potent and what about yields? Is it even worth paying attention to strain?

How much of a difference is there between strains? Which ones are the most potent, and what about yields?