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e dubble green lights

I distinctly remember e-dubble saying that this was “probably” his favourite of all the Freestyle Fridays on Twitter, but I can’t find the tweet in question.

What are your thoughts on the song? Post them below and be sure to check out the song itself ( and the Green Lights music video (
Welcome back to the Freestyle Friday song discussion thread! Green Lights is our song for this week and samples Yacht’s “If Music Could Cure All That Ails You”.

Love this ff still listen to it daily it’s just so upbeat and overall a feel good song. It’s almost like u can feel e dubs positivity through the music that he shows in lines like “My pops told me that he loves that I’m on my dream and goddamn that shit felt nice”
For some reason I always assumed that Harmonium was his favourite FF. Where I heard that or remember seeing it is another question – perhaps Tommy mentioned it during one of the live shows he did with BigCuz. ultimately not sure.
One of my big time FF favorites
I remember it quite vividly – somebody asked him what FF was his favourite and he said “probably Green Lights”.
Searches came up nothin’, so I don’t know if I’m crazy or the tweet got deleted.

Just searched twitter and Evan did say here that Harmonium was his current favourite. Still think I saw it posted somewhere else though.