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dutch treat strain indica or sativa

Dutch treat strain indica or sativa

This is the kind of smoke that makes you a particular kind of relaxed. Yes, you can be with friends and conversation can be fun so long as its kept light. You could even play a video game, so long as you’re okay being lost for 3 hours in Fontaine Fisheries.You can go to work and mostly function–but it will make the hours drag if you dislike your job in any way. But this strain is perfect for when you come home after a long night at work, getting into an explosive argument with a family member, all while you’re trying to plan out your big move to Colorado at the end of the month so you sit back in a hot bath or your closet or whatever and use a bong to take a slow hit. (Points if its a bong that holds ice, then its a nice, lovely, cool, slow hit). Very relaxing (even if it uses a little more product). In a bit, you can feel yourself get quiet. Head slows down, the angry internal arguments muffle and then go out. It made all that anxiety and stress ease. it let me clear my head and just have my own thoughts. So, for you folks out there with PTSD–definitely recommend.

CB Dutch treat has the cbd I want ,so happy I finally tried .
My fave strain. I’m a “light weight” and a hit or two of this and I’m relaxed and happy. It helps a lot with my anxiety.

Got the alcohol extract concentrate produced by MedUSA Gardens and it is excellent. Just a small dab on a sandwich in the morning gives a mildly disorienting day-long high.
Dutch treat has a smell that is very unique, but it is shared by at least 2 other strains that I know of. 1)Boss OG ( pure Sativa) 2) Bruce Banner ( 60/40) And now Dutch treat 20/80. So if you like that flavor you can get any effects you want. The description above is spot on. The high hits the head first. That ends in 15-20 minutes and the head clears and the body relaxes. A very relaxing high that could be good anytime of day for pot heads and a night time smoke for new comers. Either way Dutch Treat is a nice Indica treat for sure!🤪
This strain barely got me high at all. It just made me very red in the face,the vape irritated my throat, and made it hard to think almost felt like a bunch of strangers were staring at me. This was worse than cbd weed. Will never get this again.
The Dutch Treat I currently have tested at 29.77% THC, perfect for me at bed time because I suffer from a sleep disorder that causes me to have (and clearly remember every night!) several hectic to terrifying dreams/nightmares most of the night. I rarely hit Delta sleep. That leaves me anxious as soon as I hit the pillow. even if I’m really, really tired. Dutch treats smells amazing, taste wonderful and doe the job!!
Capital city chronic and doc and yetti have the best Dutch treat in my opinion and I have smoked a lot of this stein throughout the years! Good ta go for a nice three hour tidy up the house buzz.

Dutch treat is a quality strain. It has a unique and unmistakable flavor, that is very difficult to describe to someone who hasn’t tried it. It almost always contains a high % of THC-V which really contributes to the high. Everyone should try a good, high testing dutch treat(and they aren’t hard to find, as this one test pretty high consistently). It is a high producing strain of high quality, high testing cannabis. The dutch I have now is sativa dominant, beautiful and with strong lime overtone. Thank you Netherlands.

Not surprisingly, Dutch Treat is an Amsterdam staple, an indica-dominant hybrid with a 20:80 sativa/indica ratio. The strain's limited sativa genetics produce a near-instant head rush, followed by a numbing body high somewhere short of couch-lock. Dutch Treat has THC levels reaching 18-25%, so it…