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dutch passion strain

Dutch passion strain

Passion # 1 is great for growers wanting an early finishing variety,it is always ready to be harvested by the second week of September,here in South UK.
This picture was taken on thesecond of September and as you can see, the Passion # 1 plants on the left side of the photo are almost ready to harvest.
On the right side is a Durban Poison, a strain that needs much more time to finish than Passion # 1.

The taste / flavour of Passion #1 was characterized as fairly Microbiological (a bit of Earth) and Spicy (a bit of Herbs) and additionally as a little bit Sour (a little bit Citrus). . read more
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The plant kept on growing and thriving but stayed rather small. I moved her to a larger container again. The stem and branches grew firm and woody yet no splitting of branches occured.
At the end of August, she had some 50 cm and 13 branches, the leaves were rather thin and small buds started forming. She finished in early October – yellowing leaves, most pistils turned brown, ripe smell and quite sticky.
Passion #1 from Dutch Passion is available as regular and feminized seeds. In 22 seedbanks, we found 85 offers between EUR 7.50 for 1 feminized seed and EUR 399.00 for 100 feminized seeds. If you are looking to buy Passion #1 Cannabis Seeds from Dutch Passion somewhere – have a look to our Passion #1 Price Comparison page with all current offers from all the connected seedbanks and shops – or visit one of the following tested, trustworthy and recommended seed-shops directly to check out their current Passion #1 offers: PEV Seeds Bank, Herbalist, Canna-Seed Seed Shop, Cheeba Beans, Cannapot Hanfshop,, Indras Planet GmbH, Amsterdam Seed Center,, Seedsman, Chu Majek,, Linda Seeds | Linda Semilla, Original Seeds Store, Mary’s Seeds, Alchimia Grow Shop, Hanfoase & Stecklingsexpress, Dutch Passion, Oaseeds, Herbies Head Shop, Zamnesia and Hanf & Hanf.
7% Nervous / Fidgety
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Garden Grow 2018
Seed planted in late April 2017. Three weeks from germination, the plant had 5 nodes and grew vigorously. The leaves were broad, bulky indica type. One month after germination, I replanted her into a larger container. Six weeks after germination, the plant was mainlined at the third node and recovered soon, continuing her vigorous growth. Both branches had 4 nodes each. The main stem split up slightly so I used soft wire to keep it together. The split healed well.

Passion #1 breed by Dutch Passion Here you can find all info about Passion #1 from Dutch Passion . If you are searching for information about Passion #1 from Dutch Passion, check out our

Dutch passion strain

Meringue is a cross from two THC-heavyweights (Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies).

HiFi 4G is one of the more unusual THC rich feminised seed strains.
In bloom, Sugar Bomb Punch doesn’t stretch a great deal thanks to the indica-leaning hybrid genetics. She is a compact cannabis plant with ample side blooms which will yield heavily. With THC levels of over 20% this is a cannabis strain which packs a serious punch as well as a rich sweet and fruity taste. The high tends to arrive quickly, painting a big smile on your face as stress dissolves rapidly and your worries fade into the background. Smoke a little more and your body will want to rest and chill out on your sofa. It’s a wonderfully enjoyable high which lovers of high quality hybrids, or indica leaning hybrids will want to experience again and again.

With THC levels of over 20% this is a cannabis strain which packs a serious punch.
The cross of such illustrious parent genetics produces Sugar Bomb Punch. Bloom takes around 8-10 weeks and the trademark trichome sugar frosting starts to gather momentum from week 4-5 onwards. The buds and many of the fan leaves will show a sticky coating which gets increasingly dense as harvest approaches. Squeeze the firm buds and you can smell the sweet and fruity aromas, you will love the candy scent.
With genetics from Gorilla Glue #4 crossed with Sherbet, Kerosene Krash promises some of the strongest cannabis buds you have ever tried. This feminised seed strain was inspired by our Gorilla Glue #4 mother plant, this is one of the highest quality specimens ever encountered by our breeders. THC levels are very high and this is complemented by a wonderful terpene profile and beautiful looking buds.
Meringue can produce buds which are literally coated in layers of resin.
Smoke or vape a little of this anti-anxiety variety and you find your mood is lifted for a few hours. You can relax, unwind and chill out like a pro! With such high THC levels, a little goes a long way. Watch out if you do smoke a larger amount, your mind and body will want to shut down and krash out in a particularly enjoyable way!

With some sativa genetics in this hybrid seed strain you can expect to see a certain degree of stretching during bloom. However, it’s worth adding that this variety won’t stretch dramatically in the way a pure sativa variety would. Meringue is a THC rich variety with a sweet and fruity scent, the buds are firm and she delivers strong psychoactive high. This variety is easy to grow, with a wonderfully enjoyable head high and a relaxing body effect. Meringue is the perfect feminised seed choice for fans of high quality hybrid strains.

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