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durban poison grow

In the same vein, you can always have some good time with your friends as you giggle and feel some tingling sensation all throughout your body which makes you feel warm, safe, and uplifted. As with other marijuana strains that result in a very strong sense of munchies, you will need to have healthy food, snacks, and meals ready when you enjoy the Durban Poison weed. It will surely help you enjoy your binging with your friends and have a great appetite for more.

The Durban Poison is well known and loved in the Netherlands since it is one of the very few sativa that can finish outdoors and their short flowering varieties are best suitable for northern climates. They can grow very tall when outdoors, and many of their varieties can be well grown indoors.
The boost in appetite can be a huge lifesaver for those who are wasting away in diseases, enabling the sufferer to regain lost weight throughout the course of illness and improve their overall health. The increase in appetite is widely known as munchies, and Durban Poison has been noted as a widely smoked weed in many medicinal and related scientific literature.

It is recommended for activities such as jogging, biking, driving, studying, partying, and or socializing with intellectuals. Users love its purple leaf overtone and its citrusy or anise taste and smell.
The Durban Poison strain as medical marijuana can help speed up metabolism, enabling the burning of more calories and help boost appetite. Those who suffer from disorders associated with lack of appetite can find the strain very useful. This can happen in medical conditions such as anorexia and other eating disorders. This can also prove useful for cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy and chemotherapy where appetite can be reduced or diminished.
Basically, the Durban strains are regarded as the ‘Espresso’ of all cannabis. It is the racist Sativa and it is very stimulating as well as offers a clear-headed high with no negative traces of numbing or being stoned. It can wake you up, cut clearly through bleary foggy thought and leave you very clear-headed and bright. Moreover, it affords you the right amount of energy to go ahead and seize the day. It provides tons of energy and gives you intense feelings of euphoria where everything around you feels vivid and vibrant that you can’t take a smile off of your face. It may cause you to feel paranoia and some level of anxiety if you are upset, but it will never keep you numb at any point.
The Durban Poison is best grown outdoors where it can easily stretch out and grow very tall. It can thrive very well with lots of sunlight and warm temperatures. The rich soil packed with fertilizers can boost high-quality yield, just be sure that the Durban Poison is properly hydrated.
Even though it is purely Sativa, many of them finish rather quickly and do not stretch that much. Expert users of this strain claim that the true and authentic South African Durban Poison strain is very racy and it can finish up for as long as 6 months, however, this is not the case for versions that come in seed form like African seeds or Afropips that finish long.

The Durban Poison plant appears tall. It comes with green leaves that often stretch out from the center with buds, pistils that are orange-colored, and are rich with THC trichomes. The fragrance and aroma of Durban Poison are that of lemon, spice, and pine. Its natural fragrance is pure with traces of landrace strain. It has trapped all of the strong and medicinal cannabinoids as well as terpenes it can into its buds and leaves in order to survive the competition of diverse and harsh environments.

Durban Poison strain is one of the most stimulating strains. Energizes the body as well as the mind. This weed variety can keep intellectually stimulated.