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durban haze

Durban haze


The strain is known to induce relaxation in its patients after just a few doses. It is very potent in the treatment of conditions like nausea and migraines and can be used to combat stress in its users. The strain is also known for its strong intensity but short duration of effects, with peak effects achieved in 15-30 minutes after dosing. Patients describe doses of the Durban Haze hitting them with an insanely fast onset of euphoric psychoactive head high with bursts of energy. Some users report a head-rush and a feeling of pressure on the chest after a few doses, while some experience fits of uncontrollable giggles and a voracious appetite once the effect begins to wear off. It also allows the patient to have high levels of creative freedom and focus, without causing burnout in users.
The exact origins of the strain are unknown, but it is very popular in Georgia around the Decatur and Valdosta area. The strains can be grown indoors or outdoors, needing a hot and semi-humid climate when grown outdoors. Durban Haze is known for its flowers with an elongated, tapered shape, leaves with a pale green color, twisted through with dark orange and yellow pistils. The flowers are usually covered in trichomes, making them sticky when touched.

Some users prefer the strain because it helps them plow through boring activities without any physical weigh-downs. And because of its social and euphoric effects, users prefer the strain when going out as it allows interaction and chattiness. The focus also helps people dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder focus on individual tasks and finish up before moving on to the next task.
Rare side effects reported by patients include:
Commonly reported side effects of consuming Durban Haze as reported by patients include the following:
Durban Haze is a menacingly-named sativa strain, made from the powerful strains Durban Poison and Haze. It is a pure sativa strain which gives an insanely relaxing and uplifting head high, with an average THC content of 21%. Some samples have a reported THC content of 24%, which makes the strain very potent.
Patients who consume the Durban Haze strain of medicinal marijuana have reported both negative and positive effects when using the product. Some common and some rare.

Most Durban Haze consuming patients have reported the following common positive effects:

About Durban HazeEffectsTreatsStrain ReviewsTerpenes About Durban Haze Durban Haze is a menacingly-named sativa strain, made from the powerful strains

Durban haze

The plants may initially show wide Indica-style leaves. But during the latter part of the flowering period the growth pattern allows the Sativa dominance to show long flowers pierced by slim Sativa-style leaves.

Durban Poison gained worldwide popularity due to its effects which are typically Sativa. It provides the user with a strong, uplifting and energising effect. It is the perfect strain to stay productive throughout the day or to complete creative tasks. It will put you in an elevated mood where you will still be able to face the outside world without feeling self-conscious or paranoid. The initial burst of energy can be followed by some more sedative effects if you smoke/vape larger amounts. The high is relatively long-lasting.
The flowering time is about 8-9 weeks. In combination with the recommended veg phase it will take around 11-13 weeks from seed to harvest.

  • Resinous Sativa blooms with a unique terpene profile
  • Durban Poison is a classic indoor and outdoor variety, tough enough for outdoor cannabis growing even in extreme Northern/Southern latitudes. Durban Poison seeds come originally from South Africa and were inbred over many years during the 70’s. With each following generation, Durban Poison became increasingly adapted to the windy and rainy conditions of Northern Europe. Outdoor she has the potential to become really big. Heights above 3m are not unusual. Indoors she will stretch a great deal, so some form of height management is advised.
    Durban X Unknown Indica
    The buds of Durban Poison are very dense for a Sativa. Growers can expect vigorous plants with numerous side branches. Most phenotypes have the tendency to stretch greatly, so be aware if height restrictions in your grow room could be a potential issue.

    A dense and slim Sativa style plant and bud structure

    Numerous side branches carry long and heavy flowers

    The legendary Durban Poison is a classic variety for indoors and outdoors. She is a tough, forgiving Sativa-dominant with XL high quality yields ✓