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ducks foot weed

Ducks foot weed

Hybrid type of plants are hanging between the indica and the sativa type of plants which give them also the properties form both, they grow to medium heights and need more space as there indica sisters, 5-9 plants on 1m2 will be filling up the space nicely.

Scrog (screen of green) which means the plants are tied down on a scrog net and all the shoots will be on the same height
Quick and easy to grow, The Ducksfoot is more likely to be grown outside but can be indoor. It gives good results, a spicy / sweet taste with a powerful high

Sannie shop counts the harvest in m2 (600 watt) and flowering period. It should not sound weird that sativa plants have longer flowering periods but also the plants with the highest harvest in grams. Indica’s will have shorter flowering time as that a sativa has, the length of the flo time and amount off harvest should be counted beside each other. Hybrid plants have the best of both worlds and can give good harvest in a average flo period of around the 10 weeks
The grow period of seedlings is always at least 3-4 weeks, this grow period they will take and it doesnt matter if tthe clock is on 18/6 or 12/12. The 12/12 from start method is a good method but sanni shop advice’s to use hybride’s or sativa’s to be sure you get the space nicely filled. With indica type of plants we advice to put in more plants on a m2 like example 16-24 plants on a m2
Perfect plant to camouflage naturally in outdoor the Ducksfoot has a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks. The plant has an average stretch
Plant height will give you a idea how the height will be from your cannabis plants
SOG (sea of green) which means that the plants are growed in full force without topping or fimming

Medical properties: N.A

The Ducksfoot is a variety native to Australia, its particularity is to have webbed leaves, which makes it really different from conventional cannabis plants