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duckfoot strain

Duckfoot strain

This is a Frisian Duck plant in the vegetative stage

For reference, this is what a “standard” cannabis leaf looks like
The buds of Dr. Grinspoon plants don’t “clump together” like most cannabis plants. Although the buds look a little different, they are just as effective! Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to cross a Dr. Grinspoon plant with a Ducksfoot plant. Could you make the ultimate stealth strain?

What About Other “Stealth” Strains?
Frisian Duck is based on the famous Frisian Dew strain which also produces purple buds and has been bred for generations specifically for growing outdoors. The Frisian genes thrive under sunlight, and buds are resistant to bugs and mold!
Get a Cannabis Strain with that “Regular Plant” Look!
Variations on the Ducksfoot Strain
Here’s what the grower pop22 said about the strain: “I was fortunate to acquire some clones of Ducksfoot. And I’m glad I got them. This is SOME GREAT WEED! Very potent and a very productive plant. It has a brain numbing Sativa high, an unusual taste and smell ( hard to describe ). It’s a shame this strain is almost impossible to get.”

This is what these buds look like when the plant has been grown out – it doesn’t look much like a cannabis plant at all! Still, this growth pattern is a mutation which means that not all seeds will grow like this. This is an important fact to keep in mind with any of the current ‘stealth’ strains.

"Ducksfoot" strains have a leaf mutation that makes them look less like regular cannabis plants, which can be helpful for stealth. There are a few different Ducksfoot-style strains!