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duck foot strain

Duck foot strain

This is what these buds look like when the plant has been grown out – it doesn’t look much like a cannabis plant at all! Still, this growth pattern is a mutation which means that not all seeds will grow like this. This is an important fact to keep in mind with any of the current ‘stealth’ strains.

This Frisian Duck plant was grown outdoors in a greenhouse. More than half of Frisian Duck plants grow bright purple buds!
What About Other “Stealth” Strains?

Cannabis leaf with Ducksfoot mutation – it almost looks like the webbed foot of a duck!
However, even with stealthy strains, be aware that they still smell like cannabis in the budding stage!
Get a Cannabis Strain with that “Regular Plant” Look!
One of the most popular variations of the Ducksfoot (Ducksfeet?) strain is called Frisian Duck by Dutch Passion. This strain thrives outdoors and grows with the traditional stealthy leaves. This strain also often makes bright, beautiful purple buds (with cold enough temperatures) that have a fresh scent that is sometimes even a little fruity.
This Frisian Duck plant is just about ready to harvest!

This is a Frisian Duck plant in the vegetative stage

"Ducksfoot" strains have a leaf mutation that makes them look less like regular cannabis plants, which can be helpful for stealth. There are a few different Ducksfoot-style strains!