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duck foot seeds

This is a Feminised strain, meaning that only female plants will appear after she is sown. That saves a lot of time and energy for you. It is an easy to grow species and suitable for both seasoned and novice growers grower. The breeder Will Bibbit, is a cannabis connoisseur and lover for many years now. He is a microgrower and has grown this strain for years and years lifting her to a next level where all plants have duckfoot leaves, big yielding and very potent. The yield is a hefty amount of tasteful blossoms.

3 fem automatic seeds, € 25,-
Outdoor or indoor: Outdoor and indoor

100% Autoflower, 100% Female plants
The first full Webbed Automatic Duckfoot is now available. This Fem version is potent, fast and easy to grow. Here apparance is different from the standard cannabis plant because of the webbed leaf shape. The shape of the leaves looks like duckfoot. Very suitable for places where you don’t want to stand out. This auto selection is ready to harvest in nine weeks after sowing. They may have an unremarkable appearance but her effect is striking. A broad smile still is the best description for it.
Auto Duckfoot is premium genetics with a powerful aroma of mint, fruit and something, like gasoline or cinnamon.
5 fem automatic seeds, € 40,-
Indica or Sativa: Mostly Sativa

10 fem automatic seeds, € 75,-

100% Autoflower, 100% Female plants 101% DUCKFOOT