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dubble bubble gum dispenser

*in French, en français: Aujourd’hui, nous montrons un Gumball machine (Dubble Bubble Gum Marque) Candy Machine Toy Unboxing Video Pour les bébés, les enfants, Familles & Collectionneurs

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A gumball machine is a toy or commercial device, a type of bulk vending machine, which dispenses gumballs, usually for a small fee.

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Originally one penny, the standard cost of one gumball in the United States is now one quarter.
Generally, a gumball machine consists of a clear sphere (originally glass, now most often plastic) which is filled with gumballs, sitting on top of a metal base. It has a metal top on top of it with a keyhole in top of it so that the top can be removed and gumballs can be put in. The coin is inserted into the base and a handle is turned around clockwise 360 degrees, depositing the coin in the base of the machine and allowing a gumball or trinket to be dispensed into a chute at the bottom of the machine that is closed off by a little metal hanging flap.
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*in Spanish, en español: Hoy te mostramos una máquina de Gumball (Dubble Bubble Gum Marca) caramelo Toy Machine Unboxing vídeo para Bebés, Niños, Familias & coleccionistas

*in Norwegian, i norsk: I dag viser vi en Gumball Machine (Dubble Bubble Gum Brand) Candy Machine Toy Unboxing Video for babyer, barn, familier & collectors

Today we show a Gumball Machine (Dubble Bubble Gum Brand) Candy Machine ガムボールマシーン Toy Unboxing Video for Babies, Kids, Families & collectors Do you like to w…